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Scientific Games: Going with the Crowd

Instant win games walk the line between the lottery and traditional gaming industries. Some of the most passionate instant players will simply never touch other lottery products. Others are interested, or active, in other forms of lottery gaming, or even other gaming verticals. The challenge facing suppliers, operators and retailers is how to attract these players from one vertical to anoth...

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PlayTech: Responsible Gaming – New Directions in a Rapidly Changing World

Blurring of the Edges In the Gaming and Lotteries world there are many edges that seem to be blurring more and more as time passes. We see gaming operators converging their offerings across the various verticals; we see players moving effortlessly between game types, channels and, where possible, operators; and increasingly we are seeing a blurring of the boundaries of the regulation that gov...

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INTRALOT: Lottery Retail Networks in a Digital Age

The digital transformation has provided retailers a unique opportunity to unify their online and offline touchpoints and offer a connected experience.  Merging offline and online channels is essential if a retailer wants to adapt to the new ways in which consumers shop and provide them with the seamless omni-channel shopping experience they now demand. The digital transformation has also e...

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NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions: Social Media as a Sales Channel, Fantasy Sports, and Cashless Consumers – The New Millennial Player Landscape

Now is the time for lotteries to do more than ever before to keep pace with current consumerism and to stay relevant as a desired product. The good news at NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS) is: we already have the technology to assimilate current e-commerce trends. The creation of NLS began with the acquisition of Betware, the lottery technology vendor long considered a pioneer within the i...

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IGT: At the Intersection of Retail, Fun, and Technology

There’s a saying that the best way to predict the future is to create it. This is certainly true of our industry. We stand at the intersection of retail, fun, and technology, giving us a unique opportunity to help shape the future across many fronts and engage a new generation of players. IGT’s most recent customer research confirms that the priority for lotteries in the coming two to thr...

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