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Using Consumer Insights to Fill Gaps in the Draw Portfolio and Offer New Reasons to Play

In a mature and competitive market such as the Italian one, innovation is a key ingredient in the recipe for continued growth. And while innovation is clearly the backbone of the online gaming segment, it’s also possible to be innovative within traditional lottery portfolios where the primary sales drivers are still retailers. The new “MillionDay” draw game launched in 2018 by IGT’s Lot...

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Mapping global consumers and markets: one-size does not fit all!

WHO IS THE GLOBAL CONSUMER OF TODAY? Living in a multi-geared world, dominated by different levels of attainment to technology and innovation, is a fact that INTRALOT knows all about.  From a global point of view, “one size fits all” is a misconception that cannot apply to the complex, multi-leveled forces of change; nor is the “black or white” approach enough to capture the diversity...

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Creating a Frictionless Lottery Experience

Though consumers have come to expect technology, such as mobile shopping apps, to enhance their buying experience, they have not abandoned brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, they have merged the online and in-store experiences to fit their lifestyles. Research supports this idea and shows that technology can augment and enhance players’ in-store experiences. In a 2017 study by KPMG, 40 percent...

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