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Scientific Games | Instant Games’ Epic Evolution

Instant Games’ Epic Evolution Back in 1978, when instant “scratch” games were introduced in the European lottery market, ABBA and the Bee Gees topped the charts and a gallon of petrol cost £0.76. The first personal computer, the Commodore PET, was introduced, and a cutting-edge video game called SPACE INVADERS™ was all the rage. Needless to say, times change. The lottery industry is n...

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Intralot | Trends vs Fads

The idea that change is accelerating is a common place. A simple search for “exponential change” on any internet engine would yield an infinite number of articles on the topic, written by reputable voices and published by highly regarded media outlets. It’s not a new idea; it’s Moore’s law from the mid-60s.  Back then, engineer and Intel co-founder Gordon Moore observed that the number...

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IGT | Are the bats & faangs biting yet?

The major players in today’s advanced and emerging markets are commonly known by two acronyms: “FAANGs” ─ Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google ─ and their Asian counterparts, “BATs” ─ Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. Together, the BATs and FAANGs are poised to bite, causing organisations across all industries to respond as they exert a major influence on consumer preferences. H...

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