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INSTANT GAMES SEMINAR 27-29 MARCH 2019, ROTTERDAM (NL) Instant Games, or scratch card games, are a growth category, without any doubt. EL figures show a continuous sales increase for instant games over the last five years. In 2017 total sales ticked nearly 26 billion euros in Europe alone, making it the second largest product in the portfolio of the EL Members. Worldwide this product category is...

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EL/WLA Marketing Seminar 2019 – Recurring trends of the seminar

Particular themes stood out consistently among the seminar. Certain trends were obvious, trends all of us should be doing all we can to immerse ourselves in this year to stay with the current culture and ‘what’s hot’, trends such as immersive experiences, predominantly in the retail and brand sphere. The seminar gave a strong understanding of what to expect and what we may find ourselves i...

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