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The beautiful city of Prague will be the background scenery for finding answers to the question of how traditional lotteries can reinvent themselves in the digital world. The EL Industry Days 2018 in Prague is a call to all lottery professionals to envision the future of digital in our sector and to share their knowledge and experience of the opportunities and challenges that face us in this fie...

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EL/WLA Marketing Seminar, 7-9 February 2018, London UK

Keynote speaker highlights At the conference, a number of top-class keynote speakers focused their attention on communication strategies relevant to the lottery sector. Jon Duschinsky, a world leading social innovator from Canada, described the importance of leveraging storytelling strategies as a marketer. According to Duschinsky, empathy is the quickest way to peak your...

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Upcoming EL Seminars & Events

Reserve your spot now for the EL Seminar that could change the course of your Lottery! EL and its Members are producing many educational programs designed to tackle real-world issues in a meaningful way. Join us for an intensive session that will empower you to bring home lessons to apply directly to your own operations. And build working relationships with colleagues who are dedicated to the sam...

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