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EL and its Members are producing fabulous educational programmes designed to tackle real-world issues in a serious way.  The clarity of focus, the quality of the speakers, and the relevance of the content has never been better.

EL and its Members are producing fabulous educational programs designed to tackle real-world issues in a meaningful way.  The clarity of focus, the quality of the speakers, and the relevance of the content has never been better.   Join us for an intensive session that will empower you to bring home lessons to apply directly to your own operations.  And build working relationships with colleagues who are dedicated to the same mission of serving the great cause of government lotteries.  Together we will create the sustainable future for our industry!

April 26 – 28 in Milan, ItalyInnovation is not the future anymore. Innovation is happening now and is what futureproof companies are doing on a daily basis. Join us at our innovation seminar and meet thought leaders and experts from different industries, such as Fashion, FMCG, Fintech, Retail, and top startups including Deliveroo and Blablacar. Learn from their experience and innovation case studies, or get insight into key trend topics, including Blockchain and Makers Revolution, to really get inspired about innovation from a lottery perspective.WHO SHOULD ATTEND? The seminar is for the EL community EL Lottery and Supplier Members including lottery professionals involved in marketing, strategy, innovation, product management, sales management, customer experience and change management.REQUIRED: a good knowledge of English.WHEN? START 26. April 2017 with a welcome dinner at 19:30 END 28. April 2017 with a lunchWHERE? Milan!! Our host will be the incubator Talent Garden (one of the top European coworking platform, incubator and innovation catalyst) where we will have the opportunity to get to know start-ups, entrepreneurs and young talents.


May 23 – May 25 in Stockholm, SwedenThis year’s EL/WLA Sports Betting Seminar will be revolving around the key-themes of competitiveness and  differentiation. EL and WLA have indeed put together a holistic and forward thinking programme for all Members interested in combining innovation and sustainability, being BIG in sports betting but also ensuring the highest level of responsibility of operations and preventing any criminal infiltration, fraud or risk. Experts from all world regions, coming from both the lottery sector and beyond, will be on hand to share their knowledge, expertise, lessons learnt and experiences.

  • Updates from around the world on trends, new products and developments as well as on regulatory matters
  • A high-level session on“Sports Betting Regulation & Re-regulation in the Nordics”
  • Experiences, operational information and insights in e-sports betting, and daily fantasy sports betting
  • Innovation in sports betting
  • Best Practices in Bonus campaigns
  • Experiences from 24/7 sports betting operations
  • Sports Integrity and risk management issues
  • Insights by WLA/EL Contributors/Partners on matters related to “competitiveness and differentiation”in sports betting

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Sports betting directors, lottery executives and collaborators responsible for sports betting, marketing and product development, odds compilers.

WHEN? The seminar will start with a welcome dinner on the evening of Tuesday, 23 May and end on Thursday, 25 May 2017 at around 13:00 followed by lunch.

June 20 – June 22 in Hamburg, GermanyKEEPING FRAUD AT BAY:  Lotteries are more and more confronted with a wide range of different threats that jeopardize the credibility of their operations and the public order in its entity. Driven by their core values, integrity, precaution and society Lotteries always comply with the highest level of security and integrity standards in order to safeguard their business model. However, what does the future hold? What are the new threats to the sector and how can Lotteries be ready to efficiently deal with them?The 2017 edition of the seminar will address a big array of relevant topics among which:

The current status of the Anti-Money Laundering EU Directive and the legislative updates at EU level, trying to learn from other sectors in order to prevent money laundering and fraud in the various national markets; The fight against illegal betting, which measures are currently in place and how they are enforced; Data protection and standardization; Sports integrity and general fight against match fixing; Ethical hacking.

The seminar will bring together lottery professionals from all over Europe together with experts from other sectors allowing the audience to share updates, best practices and to learn from other sectors’ experiences how to ensure compliance.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Top management, operational managers, security managers, regulators and compliance officers.

WHEN? The seminar will start with a welcome dinner on the evening of Tuesday, June 20, 2017 and end on Thursday, June 22 at 13:00 with lunch.


September 20-22, 2017 in Madrid, Spain

October 2017

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