Transformative Technologies and Lottery

IGT’s Vice-President for Innovation and Lottery Information, Paul Riley, gave a fascinating presentation that touched on digital identity, apps, 5G and blockchain. For IGT, digital opportunities in the lottery market mean making the most out of mobile opportunities.

A mobile identity?

“People’s phones equals their identity, passively and actively”, Mr Riley kicked off his presentation. He added that, in his view, mobile phones could become a digital passport for people’s identity. IGT’s emphasis on the importance of mobile is very much in keeping with tech companies worldwide. Apple and Google are investing $20 billion a year in research and development.

However, the way people use their mobile phones is also evolving. This can be seen with the way people use apps, for example. While there are still huge volumes of apps being used, app consumption generally is slowing – with many experiencing what Mr Riley terms “app fatigue”.

Digital opportunities such as 5G and blockchain have the capability to positively transform the way consumers play the lottery. 5G, for one, has the “possibility to transform the consumer’s experience through the device”, including benefits such as fast download speeds and latency. For lotteries, this can mean the prevalence of new features such as the “Buy Now” feature on Facebook Messenger, that enables the purchase of a lottery ticket on the app itself. Mr Riley showed the audience screenshots of this new feature, which cleverly uses social media as a tool to facilitate the purchase of a lottery ticket. “Consumers will tell us how to keep consumer experience fresh”, he adds.

Unlocking Blockchain

An analysis of various technological trends over previous decades suggest that new technologies spike in popularity before reaching a “plateau of productivity” after five to ten years. According to IGT, blockchain is expected to be on the “plateau of productivity” in the next couple of years and thus is deserving of a closer look at its opportunities that it presents. Mr Riley explained that data works in zeroes and ones, with each piece of data assigned a unique fingerprint. Further, blockchain is one-way meaning that no one can figure out the initial part. Crucially, any data manipulation impacts the entire chain.

Blockchain-based gaming applications, such as Kibo, TrueFlip and FunFair are already in existence. In these applications, players are paid back in bitcoins. Further, blockchain can also be used for inventory tracking.

In the resulting Q&A, Mr Riley was asked about the security of phones, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He suggested that more transparency, in the way of notifications to consumers, is to be expected.

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Les technologies transformatrices et les opérateurs de loteries

Paul Riley, vice-président de l’innovation et des informations sur les loteries chez IGT, a présenté « Les technologies transformatrices et les opérateurs de loteries », un sujet fascinant qui abordait l’identité numérique, les applications, la 5G et la technologie « blockchain » (chaînes de blocs). Pour IGT, les opportunités numériques sur le marché de la loterie signifient qu’il faut tirer le meilleur parti des opportunités présentées par les technologies mobiles. Selon IGT, la blockchain devrait se trouver sur le « plateau de la productivité » dans les deux prochaines années ; elle mérite donc que l’on examine ses possibilités de plus près. Les opérateurs de loteries doivent continuer à investir massivement dans la recherche et le développement ; Apple et Google investissent chaque année 20 milliards de dollars dans la R&D.


Las loterías y la transformación con nuevas tecnologías

El vicepresidente de innovación e información sobre loterías de IGT, Paul Riley, ofreció una fantástica presentación titulada “Las loterías y la transformación con nuevas tecnologías” en la que abordó temas como la identidad digital, las aplicaciones, 5G y blockchain. Para IGT las oportunidades digitales en el mercado de las loterías implican sacar el máximo provecho de las oportunidades que ofrecen los dispositivos móviles. Según IGT, se espera que blockchain alcance un “nivel estable de productividad” en los próximos años y por lo tanto merecerá la pena echar un vistazo más a fondo a las oportunidades que ofrezca. Las loterías tienen que seguir invirtiendo masivamente en investigación y desarrollo: Apple y Google invierten 20.000 millones de dólares al año en I+D.


Transformative Technologien und die Lotterien

Paul Riley, der Vice-President for Innovation and Lottery Information von IGT, hielt einen faszinierenden Vortrag mit dem Titel „Transformative Technologien und die Lotterien“, der sich mit Themen wie digitale Identität, Apps, 5G und Blockchain befasste. IGT vertritt die Meinung, dass digitale Geschäftsgelegenheiten auf dem Lotteriemarkt hauptsächlich im mobilen Geschäft winken. IGT zufolge wird sich die Blockchain-Technologie im Laufe der nächsten Jahre auf einem „Produktivitätsplateau“ befinden, weshalb Lotterien ihr Potential studieren sollten. Lotterien müssen auch weiterhin nachdrücklich in Forschung und Entwicklung investieren – Apple und Google geben beispielsweise 20 Mrd. USD pro Jahr für F&E aus.

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