The Holy Grail

For NLS, the “Holy Grail” is all about relevance and competitiveness. To illustrate this, NLS’ Director of Product Management Pall Palsson introduced the audience to DanTDM, YouTube professional gamer whose activity on Minecraft has clocked over 12 billion views. To some 19 billion subscribers, DanTDM’s videos are about as relevant as it gets.

Lotteries need to stay relevant to the next generation of players and “compete on a level playing field against direct and indirect competition”. NLS believe that having engaging content is key in the age of competition – “so we can grab part of that currency and turn it into sales”. For them, the key challenge is to involve the younger generation.

A Catalan success story

Marc Chabrand, NLS General Manager Spain, gave an insightful insight into the national lottery in Spain, and more specifically, Catalonia. He explained how NLS have had to manage the lottery in competitive and challenging situations, in a very competitive and demanding market. According to him, this took close collaboration with customers by preparing digital channels, including a rebirth in digital marketing and sales. This has resulted in NLS’ fourth consecutive year to date of growth – an impressive result. The Catalonian example demonstrates that close collaboration with customers can help ensure that Lotteries stay relevant and competitive.

Cloud Computing & AI

Manuel Bauer, NLS’ Chief Technology Officer, informed participants that the benefits of cloud computing include “elasticity, network effects and economy of scale, source and reliability”. He added that cloud computing represents a paradigm shift that provides computing resources over the internet.

He also added that players are “used to a different model of consuming”. Examples of this include Netflix, for example, where users purchase access as opposed to “buy to own”. The benefits of this are cost, time, scalability and accessibility – and Lotteries must also get used to this new “omni-channel” model.

Lotteries must also mobilise their use of Artificial Intelligence to reach the “Holy Grail”, including features such as speech recognition, natural language processing and computer vision. Such machine learning can be used in statistical learning. To demonstrate this, the NLS team showed an entertaining video clip of “Sophia”, the social humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics, conversing with actor Will Smith.

In search of the ‘Holy Grail’

To stay relevant and competitive, NLS delivered a clear message at the Industry Days that investing in original content, embracing new technologies and ways of doing business and working together with other lotteries are key elements. Embracing future trends towards cloud computing and AI may well be the path towards the “Holy Grail”.

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Le Graal

Pour NLS, le « Graal » est une question de pertinence et de compétitivité. Les opérateurs de loteries doivent conserver leur pertinence pour la prochaine génération de joueurs et « se battre à armes égales avec la concurrence directe et indirecte ». NLS estime que le fait d’avoir un contenu attrayant est la clé de l’ère de la concurrence, « afin que nous puissions saisir une partie de cette monnaie et la transformer en ventes ». Pour eux, le principal défi consiste à faire participer la jeune génération. NLS a envoyé un message très clair lors des Industry Days : investir dans du contenu original, adopter les nouvelles technologies et méthodes commerciales et collaborer avec d’autres opérateurs de loteries sont les éléments clés pour rester pertinent et compétitif. Adopter les tendances futures de l’informatique en nuage et de l’IA pourrait bien être la voie vers le « Graal ».


El Santo Grial

Para NLS, el “Santo Grial” depende plenamente de ser relevantes y competitivos. Las loterías tienen que mantenerse relevantes de cara a la siguiente generación de jugadores y “competir en un marco de igualdad con sus competidores directos e indirectos”. En NLS creen que contar con contenidos atractivos es la clave en la era de la competencia: “de ese modo podemos conseguir parte de esa moneda y convertirla en ventas”. Para ellos, el desafío clave reside en involucrar a las generaciones más jóvenes. Para seguir siendo relevantes y competitivos, NLS predicó en los Industry Days un claro mensaje: invertir en contenidos originales, hacerse a las nuevas tecnologías y los nuevos métodos de hacer negocios, y trabajar en conjunción con otras loterías son los elementos clave para el éxito. Abrazar las tendencias futuras hacia la computación en la nube y la inteligencia artificial es el camino hacia el “Santo Grial”.


Der heilige Gral

NLS zufolge sind Relevanz und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der „Heilige Gral“. Lotterien müssen für die nächste Generation von Spielern relevant bleiben und „direkter und indirekter Konkurrenz auf Augenhöhe begegnen können“. Für NLS sind im Zeitalter des Wettbewerbs spannende Inhalte von zentraler Bedeutung – „um einen Teil dieser Währung abzuräumen und zu Umsätzen zu machen“. Die wichtigste Herausforderung ist es für sie, die jüngere Generation anzusprechen. Um relevant und wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, so NLS‘ eindeutige Botschaft auf den Branchentagen, müssen Lotterien in innovative Inhalte investieren, sich neue Technologien und Geschäftspraktiken zu eigen machen und mit anderen Lotterien zusammenarbeiten. Es sei gut möglich, dass Cloud Computing und AI den Weg zum „Heiligen Gral“ darstellten.

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