Scientific Games | Lotteries hit the jackpot with trusted sports betting solutions

Lotteries are the primary regulator of 70 percent of sports betting globally. As it grows in regulated jurisdictions around the world, stakeholders across the lottery industry are exploring flexible solutions from trusted providers to launch winning sports betting programs in retail and digital channels. Lotteries, consumers and their suppliers are eager to capitalise on its popularity and evolution. By opening up and building a flexible solution based on player preferences and continual feedback, the industry can set a new standard for sports betting excellence and consumer experiences while shaping the new channel into a perfect fit for revenue growth plans.

Changes have been underway in Europe over the last few years. Today, European players use their mobile devices to place more than 80 percent of wagers on sporting events, and live betting represents approximately 60-70 percent of sports wagers. The evolution of live betting has also driven the popularity of cash outs — the cashing out of bets before the end of a match. High mobile penetration combined with live betting and cash outs have made sports betting a much more engaging experience for players, while requiring lotteries to implement more sophisticated and automated technology.

Christian Kometer, Managing Director International Lottery Systems, at Scientific Games, says, “Lotteries are turning to trusted providers to help them deliver an integrated sports betting offering that meets diverse consumer betting preferences. They’re seeking more flexible technology with sports betting features. More customers are also looking at value-add managed services to facilitate the offering. Our open solutions focus on having a product that appeals to a very broad base of consumers, is accessible through expanded retail and digital distribution channels, and delivers a great entertainment experience.”

For lotteries launching or enhancing sports betting offerings, it means upping the ante with top-notch services that propel sportsbooks to the top of their consumers’ minds. It means incorporating both direct and indirect feedback into products, so sports betting technology continually advances.

Kometer, a 26-year European lottery technology leader, said the company has provided sports betting solutions in countries around the world since 1998 and currently serves more than 40 sports customers in The Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, U.K., U.S. and Canada, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

More than 30 of Scientific Games’ sports customers are lotteries, and Kometer said the company was one of the lottery industry’s first suppliers certified as a responsible gaming supplier by the World Lottery Association (WLA) and the first lottery supplier to join the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) to ensure the integrity of sports events and sports betting worldwide.

In October, Nederlandse Loterij announced their partnership with Scientific Games to bring the lottery players in The Netherlands a full digital sports betting solution. The expanded sports partnership will advance sports offering with the launch of OpenSports™, the company’s award-winning end-to-end sports betting solution. Building upon the foundation of the OpenSports technology platform, Nederlandse Loterij will receive the company’s OpenTrade managed trading services for non-Dutch sports.

In August, Scientific Games’ joint venture kicked off a national sports betting program in Turkey, one of the world’s largest sports betting markets. The same week, Scientific Games announced it will exclusively provide instant games, an instant ticket validation system and retailer terminals for what will be the largest point-of-sale network in the world. The Turkish National Lottery is set to launch in 2020 in the country of more than 80 million.

“Our joint venture won the 10-year exclusive IDDAA sports betting concession in Turkey, and Scientific Games was selected to exclusively supply our products and technology to the Turkish National Lottery. Both of the solutions we proposed are focused on maximizing sales and profits returned to the Turkish government,” shares Kometer.

The sports launch in Turkey was right on schedule and features the company’s central gaming systems technology, nearly 5,000 WAVE™ retail betting terminals, and six virtual live betting sites licensed to provide interactive sports betting. The retail and digital sports betting solutions are fully traded by Scientific Games through its OpenSports managed trading services.

In the next three years, more than 30 U.S. states are expected to have some form of legal sports gambling. In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned PASPA, effectively legalizing sports betting across the country. Within weeks, Scientific Games launched the Delaware Lottery’s expansion to full-scale sports betting across the state’s network of casinos and lottery retailers.

While up until the PASPA ruling, Scientific Games’ work in the sports sector was primarily international, the company’s years of experience outside of the U.S. allowed it to rapidly launch the Delaware Lottery’s expansion to full-scale sports betting across the state’s network of casinos and lottery retailers within weeks after the ruling.

“In anticipation of the expansion of legalized sports betting in the U.S., we had been working with our longtime customer, the Delaware Lottery, so they could launch head-to-head betting on single games as quickly as possible,” shares Kometer.

The Consumer-Centric Approach

Sports markets around the world cover a vast number of bettors with varying preferences. Keith O’Loughlin, SVP Sportsbook and Platforms at Scientific Games who has a wide range of experience working with lottery sports betting customers as well as casinos and other regulated gaming organizations says, “A sportsbook and its bells and whistles should focus on the consumer. With a constant deluge of media and content to consider, a sports betting offer requires a heavy lift to capture a consumer’s attention and keep them engaged. Once you have a loyal audience, the solution needs to be nimble, flexible, and stable all at once to cover any number of high-profile sporting events.

Growth is a constant in the sports betting industry, and it’s important for lotteries to stay focused on players even in the heat of rapid expansion and as new technologies are introduced. Starting at ground zero with a highly stable solution will support a massive influx of betting volume without any downtime. With a reliable solution up and running, lotteries can use development time to improve the front-end player experience and related services like marketing, pricing, trading and retail.

It all comes back to the end user. Will consumers find what they need quickly and place their bets on a seamless and intuitive interface? Will they experience any issues during peak betting times? Do the bets on offer reflect the local fandom and the current list of ongoing sporting events? Maintaining a solution that allows operators to address these questions first, not last, is the key to a winning sportsbook.

The Open, Flexible Operation

By putting consumers first, lotteries can open a world of new possibilities that can set the stage for success in the short and long term. Openly addressing bettor feedback through innovation and product improvements advances the sports betting experience. The size and diversity of the lottery jurisdiction also means lotteries can get creative with their portfolios to cater to their specific audience.

“The fill-in-the-blanks approach pairs perfectly with an open, innovation-seeking strategy that keeps sports bettors happy. In-venue sportsbooks can raise the bar by introducing a world-class online betting interface that reaches players on the go, where regulations allow,” explains O’Loughlin.

Jurisdictions with a strong fan base that cheers for a popular local or regional team can offer niche bets to encourage bettor activity and introduce them to the options at hand. The point here is that seizing opportunities, and vigilantly remaining open to them, can drive revenue by reaching players with the bets they want, a well-rounded experience, and an interface that connects all of the elements that make sports betting enjoyable.

Changing the Game

One viable method of taking an open path to sports betting — among many — is the modularisation of a technology portfolio to easily adapt to the needs of any customer. Scientific Games has adopted this approach with its latest, full-service solution featuring mix-and-match product options that empowers lotteries to maximise sports revenues.

“The shift has made an impact. Lotteries can choose the tech and services that suit their needs and, by extension, directly address the needs of their end users,” says O’Loughlin. “Without the added footprint of duplicate or overlapping sports betting features, lotteries are free to focus on the most impactful elements of their sportsbook.”

This deconstruction of the one-size-fits-all strategy means lotteries can better serve sports betting fans with specific, tailored features. Lotteries open to innovation and growth can make the most of new revenue opportunities while remaining future-focused and ready for the continuous evolution of positively disruptive technology.

The Next Level

All stakeholders – from lotteries and consumers to the suppliers that serve them — are eager to capitalise on the popularity and evolution of sports betting. By opening up and building a flexible solution based on player preferences and continual feedback, the industry can set a new standard for sports betting excellence and consumer experiences while shaping the new channel into a perfect fit for revenue growth plans.

“Our global experience with WLA members demonstrates that a robust sports betting product is attractive and entertaining to a broad base of lottery players. It’s a great way for lotteries to emotionally engage with their players, as sports is a naturally exciting and social experience for so many people,” shares Kometer.

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A portion of the article was originally published in Public Gaming International magazine.

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Les loteries touchent le jackpot avec des solutions de paris sportifs fiables

Les loteries sont le principal régulateur pour 70 % des paris sportifs dans le monde. Alors que les paris sportifs se développent dans des juridictions réglementées internationalement, le secteur de la loterie, les parties prenantes explorent des solutions flexibles de fournisseurs de confiance pour lancer des programmes de paris sportifs gagnants dans des canaux de vente au détail et numériques.

Des changements ont été entrepris en Europe au cours des dernières années, y compris un changement pour faire des paris via des appareils mobiles et la popularité accrue des paris en direct et des retraits. Ces facteurs rendent l’expérience des paris sportifs beaucoup plus attrayante pour les joueurs, tout en demandant aux loteries de mettre en œuvre une technologie plus sophistiquée et automatisée.

Christian Kometer, directeur général des systèmes de loterie internationale, à Scientific Games, a déclaré « Les loteries se tournent vers des fournisseurs de confiance pour les aider à proposer une offre de paris sportifs qui répond aux diverses préférences des consommateurs en matière de paris ».

En donnant la priorité aux consommateurs, les loteries peuvent ouvrir un monde de nouvelles possibilités qui peuvent poser les bases d’un succès à court et long terme. Répondre ouvertement aux commentaires du parieur grâce à l’innovation et aux améliorations des produits fait progresser l’expérience en matière de paris sportifs. La taille et la diversité de la juridiction de la loterie signifient que les loteries peuvent être créatives avec leurs portefeuilles pour satisfaire leur public spécifique.

Une méthode viable à suivre pour une ouverture sur les paris sportifs, parmi d’autres, est la modularisation d’un portefeuille technologique pour s’adapter facilement aux besoins des clients. Scientific Games a adopté cette approche avec sa toute dernière solution complète proposant des options de produits mixtes qui permettent aux loteries de maximiser les recettes sportives.

En octobre, Nederlandse Loterij a annoncé son partenariat avec Scientific Games pour apporter à ses joueurs de loterie une solution complète de paris sportifs numériques. Le partenariat sportif élargi fera avancer les offres sportives avec le lancement de OpenSports™, la solution de paris sportifs de bout en bout primée de la société.


Las loterías se llevan el bote con soluciones de apuestas deportivas fiables

Las loterías son el principal regulador del 70 % de las apuestas deportivas en todo el mundo. A medida que las apuestas deportivas crecen en las jurisdicciones reguladas del sector de lotería en todo el mundo, las partes interesadas están explorando soluciones flexibles de proveedores de confianza para lanzar programas de apuestas deportivas ganadoras en canales digitales y minoristas.

Se han producido cambios en Europa durante los últimos años, incluido el hecho de poder acceder a las apuestas en dispositivos móviles, así como la popularidad cada vez mayor de las apuestas de efectivo y en directo. Estos factores hacen de las apuestas deportivas una experiencia mucho más atractiva para los jugadores, al mismo tiempo que obligan a las loterías a utilizar tecnologías más sofisticadas y automatizadas.

Christian Kometer, director general de Sistemas de Lotería Internacional en Scientific Games, afirma que «Las loterías recurren a proveedores de confianza para que les ayuden a ofrecer apuestas deportivas que satisfagan las preferencias de apuestas de diferentes tipos de consumidores».

Al poner a los consumidores primero, las loterías abren un mundo de posibilidades que pueden allanar el camino al éxito a corto y largo plazo. Abordar abiertamente las valoraciones de los apostantes mediante la innovación y las mejoras de producto optimiza la experiencia de las apuestas deportivas. El tamaño y la diversidad de la jurisdicción de lotería supone que las carteras de las loterías se pueden enfocar con cierta creatividad a fin de satisfacer a su público específico.

Uno de los métodos viables para seguir un camino claro hacia las apuestas deportivas, entre otros muchos, es la modularización de una cartera tecnológica para adaptarse fácilmente a las necesidades de cualquier cliente. Scientific Games ha adoptado este enfoque con su última solución de servicio completo, con opciones de productos mixtas que permiten a las loterías maximizar los ingresos procedentes de los deportes.

En octubre, Nederlandse Loterij anunció su colaboración con Scientific Games para proporcionar a sus jugadores de lotería una solución completa de apuestas deportivas digitales. La expandida asociación deportiva ofrecerá un avance de su oferta deportiva con el lanzamiento de OpenSports™, la galardonada solución integral de apuestas deportivas de la empresa. 


Lotterien ergattern Jackpot mit bewährten Sportwettlösungen

Lotterien sind die Hauptbetreiber von 70 % aller weltweiten Sportwetten. Da Sportwetten in regulierten Ländern weiterhin wachsen, erforschen weltweite Lotterieorganisationen flexible Lösungen von vertrauenswürdigen Anbietern, um Sportwetten mit Gewinnen über den Einzelhandel und digitale Kanäle bereitzustellen.

In Europa wurden in den vergangenen Jahren bereits Veränderungen auf den Weg gebracht, unter anderem mit dem Angebot, Einsätze über mobile Geräte zu platzieren, bei einer steigenden Beliebtheit von Live-Wetten und Cash Outs. Diese Faktoren machen Sportwetten zu einem wesentlich aufregenderen Erlebnis für Spieler, setzen zugleich aber auch Lotterien voraus, die die Implementierung ausgereifter und automatisierter Technologien ermöglichen.

Christian Kometer, Managing Director für International Lottery Systems bei Scientific Games, erklärt dazu: „Lotterien wenden sich an vertrauenswürdige Anbieter, die ihnen helfen sollen, eine Sportwette anzubieten, die ganz unterschiedliche Vorlieben von Verbrauchern erfüllt.“

Indem sie die Verbraucher an die oberste Stelle setzen, können Lotterien eine ganze Welt neuer Möglichkeiten entdecken, die kurz- und langfristig den Erfolg bestimmen. Offene Reaktionen auf das Feedback von Wettteilnehmern durch Innovationen und Produktverbesserungen tragen ebenfalls zu einer Verbesserung des Wetterlebnisses bei. Der Umfang und die Vielfalt der Lotteriegesetzgebung in den einzelnen Ländern hat zur Folge, dass Lotterien mit ihren Portfolios kreativ umgehen können, wenn sie ihre jeweilige Zielgruppe erreichen möchten.

Eine zukunftsfähige Methode, um den Weg für Sportwetten zu ebnen, besteht – unter anderem – in der Modularisierung eines Technologie-Portfolios, das es ermöglicht, sich einfach an die Bedürfnisse von Kunden anpassen. Scientific Games hat diesen Ansatz mit seiner neuesten Full-Service-Lösung übernommen, die frei kombinierbare Produktoptionen umfasst und so Lotterien auf den Weg bringt, die zu einer Einnahmenmaximierung beitragen.

Im Oktober gab die Nederlandse Loterij ihre Partnerschaft mit Scientific Games bekannt, um ihren Lotterieteilnehmern eine vielseitige digitale Lösung für Sportwetten anbieten zu können. Die erweiterte Sportpartnerschaft wird mit der Markteinführung von OpenSports™, der preisgekrönten End-to-End-Lösung für Sportwetten des Unternehmens, neue Sportangebote vorantreiben.

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