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C-stores and supermarkets are modernizing to attract consumers who have come to expect more conveniences. The lottery category has the opportunity to create better experiences for players and efficiencies for retailers. Given the large amounts of data available to lotteries, harnessing data to make informed decisions is critical, says Randall Lex, Vice President Retail Solutions, Scientific Games, in a presentation at the EL/WLA London 2020 Marketing Seminar. Scientific Games designed its SCiQ® instant game retail ecosystem to help lotteries put data into motion, providing real-time data to retailers and lotteries while reaching players in a competitive retail landscape.

The retail landscape is changing before our eyes. Consumers now expect more from their shopping experiences, and retailers are adapting quickly.

Convenience stores are modernizing their operations, offerings and customer engagement to appeal to modern consumers. C-stores are increasing ease and availability with products such as fresh, made-to-order food and digital apps. In other retail channels, supermarkets are offering more in-lane and self-service products with similar priorities.

A recent study published in January sheds some light on retailers’ efforts to create a more engaging customer experience. According to Bluecore’s research, “…up to 39% of brands reveal they are prioritizing customer-centric initiatives, such as improving experience or increasing customer value. This is in direct response to consumers’ rapidly increasing rate of product adoption and demand for experience.”

Their survey of 307 marketing technology decision makers at retail enterprises in the U.S. and Europe found that customer experience was respondents’ highest priority, while only 21% of respondents said they think they do an effective job. The second-highest priority, customer acquisition, fared even worse at 20%. To evolve the retail experience and attract new customers, retailers need data to help guide their decisions.

Research by SwiftIQ and the Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing (NACS) shows that lottery players’ baskets at convenience stores is at least 50% greater than non-players’ baskets. Yet c-store retailers have grown inside sales by 30% between 2010 and 2018 according to NACS. C-stores are not stopping there—Nations Restaurant Review reports that c-stores now own 10% market share of the fast food industry.

Randall Lex, Vice President Retail Solutions, Scientific Games

“These positive statistics for lottery retailers do not discuss the impact of lottery as a driver. Retailers are not focused on the lottery because of the inherent problems associated with the operation of lottery at retail,” says Randall Lex, Vice President Retail Solutions, Scientific Games. The company serves lotteries and retailers in more than 150 markets around the world and is the leading innovator of lottery retail technology in the industry.

“Retailers want to grow the category but cannot continue to operate the same way and expect different results. As an integral product at retail, the lottery category has the opportunity to modernize and help retailers up their game,” he said.

Putting Data to Work

Fun products, slick signage, creative marketing, retail engagement—these are the things that come to mind when thinking about reaching lottery customers and boosting sales. But what fuels the decision-making behind these important elements? It all comes down to data, Lex affirmed in a presentation at the EL/WLA London 2020 Marketing Seminar.

“There’s data out there. We just have to capture it so we can actually use it in a way that will help drive sales—and drive sales responsibly,” Lex said. “It’s critical that lotteries leverage data to make informed decisions, modernize lottery at retail and drive healthy play.”

Quoting Tim Bucher, Chief Product Officer at Scientific Games, Lex added, “Data at rest is storage. Data in motion is an experience.”

Vast amounts of data are being generated all the time. Rather than just storing this data on a server, Lex proposes putting this data to work to create better player experiences.

“It’s not enough to have data and to have marketing ideas. Cross-company departments have to merge together, those units have to talk, and they have to understand the capabilities of capturing that data and how to execute on it,” Lex said.

Creating an Ecosystem

Scientific Games designed its SCiQ® retail ecosystem to use data to create better lottery experiences, presenting unique benefits for retailers, players and lotteries. SCiQ increases data capture and player engagement and extends the experience beyond retail.

“It’s not just a retail lottery game display and dispenser. It’s a data generator for lotteries and retailers,” he said.

The data collected throughout the lifecycle of an instant game informs all aspects of the instant game business, from new product development to marketing, merchandising and sales. It helps provide visibility and real-time data to retailers and the lottery while reaching players in a competitive retail landscape.

Making Retailers’ Jobs Easier

Bluecore’s research shows that 36% of retailers wait up to a week or longer to get data. Likewise, lotteries and retailers are typically hindered by imprecise and untimely data regarding instant game sales across their retail network.

SCiQ brings specific insights because it manages, dispenses, merchandises and tracks instant games at the ticket level. This enables precise inventory management, out-of-stock prevention and security for retailers. Thanks in part to the immediacy of data that SCiQ provides, 84% of retailers say it makes their day-to-day lottery work easier, Lex said.

“Think about if you could actually extract the unit-level information of that instant game data and understand what a shopping cart looks like, what transaction volumes look like by hour, by day,” Lex said. “There are opportunities for us to grow and bring this data in-house, review it, analyze it, and execute on it every day.”

Increasing Player Engagement

Because consumers have driven the need to enhance the retail experience, SCiQ offers advantages to retailers who want to boost instant games’ appeal and visibility in their stores.

The SCiQ digital menu board displays game images and data such as ticket numbers and game recommendations. Some retailers hang SCiQ menu boards from the ceiling of their stores to maximize visibility, a media value that lotteries have never received before.

“As soon as you walk into the store you see the 50-inch SCiQ monitor—the only way you get that value is through this type of system,” Lex said. “SCiQ tells us what people are buying and when they’re buying it so you can make recommendations digitally and automatically on the digital menu board.”

Eighty-one percent of players say SCiQ display is better than traditional instant game displays, and 86% say that SCiQ helps players stay more informed. This is due to the adoption and positioning by retail of automated technology to merchandise, modernize and operate the instant game category.

Driving Sales Responsibly

Improving the experiences for players and retailers is necessary for healthy retail, but lotteries exist to generate profits for the good causes they support like education, health and welfare, senior citizens and the environment.

“For lotteries that have fully adopted the SCiQ ecosystem, we see a 15-20% increase in sales,” Lex said. “We want to grow sales, but we have to do it responsibly.”

Scientific Games continues to evolve the SCiQ ecosystem, including using data to help players manage spending levels. The company is also expanding SCiQ in areas such as in-lane sales and self-checkout, as well as extending player experiences via mobile. Of course, data remains at the heart of all new innovations.

“Data is powerful,” Lex said. “We are putting it into motion and creating new experiences.”

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SCIENTIFIC GAMES : Données dans Motion Reimagines Play

Les magasins de proximité et les supermarchés modernisent leurs opérations, leurs offres et l’engagement des clients pour créer des expériences de vente au détail plus engageantes. Pour faire évoluer l’expérience de vente au détail et attirer de nouveaux clients, les détaillants utilisent des données pour les aider à guider leurs décisions.

Une loterie « a la possibilité de moderniser et d’aider les détaillants à se démarquer », explique Randall Lex, vice-président des solutions de vente au détail, Scientific Games, lors d’une présentation au séminaire marketing EL/WLA 2020 de Londres. L’entreprise est au service des loteries et des détaillants dans plus de 150 marchés partout dans le monde et est un innovateur leader de la technologie de vente au détail de loterie dans le secteur.

Des produits amusants, une signalétique percutante, un marketing créatif, un engagement envers le commerce au détail sont des choses qui viennent à l’esprit lorsque l’on réfléchit à la manière d’atteindre les clients de loterie et de stimuler les ventes. Les données soutiennent la prise de décision derrière ces éléments importants, a affirmé Lex. De grandes quantités de données sont générées tout le temps. Au lieu de stocker ces données sur un serveur, ces données peuvent aider à créer de meilleures expériences pour les joueurs.

Scientific Games a conçu son écosystème de vente au détail SCiQ® pour utiliser des données pour créer de meilleures expériences de loterie. En plus de moderniser la présence des jeux instantanés au détail, SCiQ augmente la capture des données et l’engagement des joueurs et étend l’expérience au-delà de la vente au détail.

Les recherches de Bluecore montrent que 36 % des détaillants attendent une semaine ou plus pour obtenir des données. Grâce à l’instantanéité des données que SCiQ fournit, 84 % des détaillants affirment que cela rend leur travail de loterie quotidien plus facile, a déclaré Lex.

L’amélioration des expériences pour les joueurs et les détaillants est nécessaire pour des ventes au détail saines et pour stimuler les ventes. Les loteries qui ont pleinement adopté l’écosystème SCiQ ont vu les ventes augmenter de 15 à 20 %.

« Nous voulons augmenter les ventes, mais nous devons le faire de manière responsable », a déclaré Lex. « Nous mettons [les données] en mouvement et créons de nouvelles expériences ».


SCIENTIFIC GAMES: Los datos en movimiento reimaginan el juego

Las tiendas y supermercados están modernizando sus operaciones, ofertas y compromiso hacia sus clientes para crear experiencias de venta minorista más atractivas. Para desarrollar la experiencia de venta minorista y atraer a nuevos clientes, los minoristas utilizan datos para guiar sus decisiones.

Una lotería “tiene la oportunidad de modernizar y ayudar a los minoristas a mejorar sus prestaciones”, dice Randall Lex, vicepresidente de Soluciones de Venta Minorista de Scientific Games, en una presentación en el seminario de marketing EL/WLA de Londres 2020. La empresa da servicio a loterías y minoristas en más de 150 mercados de todo el mundo y es el principal innovador en la tecnología minorista de lotería en la industria.

Productos divertidos, carteles sofisticados, marketing creativo, compromiso minorista: estas son las cosas que vienen a la mente al pensar en llegar a los clientes de lotería y aumentar las ventas. Los datos impulsan la toma de decisiones detrás de estos elementos importantes, afirmó Lex. Se están generando grandes cantidades de datos en todo momento. En lugar de almacenar estos datos en un servidor, dichos datos pueden ayudar a crear mejores experiencias para los jugadores.

Scientific Games diseñó su ecosistema de venta minorista, llamado SciQ®, para que este utilice los datos y cree una mejor experiencia en la lotería. Además de modernizar la presencia del juego instantáneo en el mercado minorista, SciQ aumenta la captura de datos y el compromiso de los jugadores y amplía la experiencia más allá de la venta minorista.

La investigación de Bluecore muestra que el 36 % de los minoristas espera hasta una semana o más para obtener datos. Gracias en parte a la inmediatez de los datos que SciQ proporciona, el 84 % de los minoristas afirma que su trabajo diario en las loterías es más fácil, según Lex.

Mejorar las experiencias para los jugadores y para los vendedores minoristas es necesario para que el comercio minorista tenga una salud de hierro y para impulsar las ventas. Las loterías que han adoptado por completo el ecosistema SciQ han experimentado un aumento en las ventas del 15-20 %.

“Queremos aumentar las ventas, pero tenemos que hacerlo de manera responsable”, explica Lex. “Estamos poniendo datos en movimiento y creando nuevas experiencias”.


SCIENTIFIC GAMES: Mit Bewegungsdaten das Spiel neu darstellen

Lebensmittelläden und Supermärkte modernisieren ihre Abläufe, Angebote und Kundenbeziehungen, um ein attraktiveres Einzelhandelserlebnis zu schaffen. Um das Einzelhandelserlebnis zu verbessern und neue Kunden zu gewinnen, nutzen die Einzelhändler Daten, die ihnen bei ihren Entscheidungen helfen.

Auch Lotterien „haben die Möglichkeit, zu modernisieren und Einzelhändlern zu helfen, sich zu verbessern“, erklärte Randall Lex, Vizepräsident Retail Solutions, Scientific Games, in einer Präsentation auf dem EL/WLA London 2020 Marketing-Seminar. Das Unternehmen beliefert Lotterien und Einzelhändler in mehr als 150 Märkten weltweit und ist der führende Innovator für die Technologie des Lotterieeinzelhandels in der Branche.

Unterhaltsame Produkte, geschickte Beschilderung, kreatives Marketing, Engagement im Einzelhandel - das sind die Dinge, die einem in den Sinn kommen, wenn man daran denkt, Lotteriekunden zu erreichen und den Umsatz zu steigern. Daten sind die Grundlage für die Entscheidungsfindung hinter diesen wichtigen Elementen, bekräftigte Lex. Es werden ständig riesige Datenmengen generiert. Anstatt diese Daten einfach nur auf einem Server zu speichern, können diese Daten dazu beitragen, bessere Spielererfahrungen zu schaffen.

Scientific Games hat sein SCiQ®-Ökosystem für den Einzelhandel so konzipiert, dass Daten auch zur Schaffung besserer Lotterieerlebnisse genutzt werden können. Zusätzlich zur Modernisierung der sofortigen Spielpräsenz im Einzelhandel erhöht SCiQ die Datenerfassung und das Engagement der Spieler und erweitert das Erlebnis über den Einzelhandel hinaus.

Untersuchungen von Bluecore zeigen, dass 36 % der Einzelhändler bis zu einer Woche oder länger warten, um Daten zu erhalten. Es ist unter anderem der unmittelbaren Verfügbarkeit der von SCiQ gelieferten Daten zu verdanken, dass die tägliche Lotteriearbeit nach Aussage von 84 % der Einzelhändler erleichtert wird, so Lex.

Die Verbesserung der Erfahrungen für Spieler und Einzelhändler ist für einen gesunden Einzelhandel und die Steigerung der Umsätze notwendig. Bei Lotterien, die das SCiQ-Ökosystem vollständig übernommen haben, sind die Verkäufe um 15-20 % gestiegen.

„Wir wollen den Umsatz steigern, aber wir müssen es auf verantwortungsvolle Weise tun“, sagte Lex. „Wir setzen [Daten] in Bewegung und schaffen neue Erfahrungen.“

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