2016 Industry Days: You Don’t Need a Digital Strategy – You Need a Business Strategy for the Digital Age

EL Partners share their vision for how Lottery is positioning itself for a prosperous and sustainable future. Keynote speakers explain the consumer and marketing trends that are transforming Retail to meet the needs of the future consumer.

See the 2016 Industry Days Program for complete list of speakers – available in EN, FR, DE, ES.

The European Lotteries Industry Days took place in June 2016 in Marrakech, kindly hosted by EL member lottery La Marocaine des Jeux.

Hansjörg Höltkemeier, Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Klassenlotterie, Berlin, President, European Lotteries Association (EL) thanks everyone for their service to the EL, to the sector, and for participating in Industry Days. Mr. Höltkemeier clarifies and emphasizes the theme of this event. It isn’t about digital, but about Retail. We are focused on the way in which digital supports and enhances Lottery’s Retail strategies. It is about applying digital technologies to the retail environment and using technology to augment and enhance the relationship with the consumer at retail. After all, our sector will continue to derive the vast majority of its sales from land-based retailers.

Younès El Mechrafi, General Director, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS), General Secretary of the African Lotteries Association, welcomes us to the magnificent city of Marrakech and to Industry Days! Relates a wonderful parable about a man walking along the road and he sees another man cutting and breaking rocks and asks “What are you doing?” The man replies “I’m breaking stones.” He walks further along, sees another man breaking rocks and asks the same question. “I am making a living.” Further along, the third person is asked why he is breaking and cutting the rocks and he says “I am building a cathedral”. Who are we, what is our purpose – Are we cutting rocks, or are we building a cathedral? Let’s embrace our mission with the passion, meaning, and vision of one who is building a cathedral.

Ray Bates, Honorary President of the EL and Moderator Extraordinaire, introduces us to the format of Industry Days and what makes this a very different and special program. It is the successful collaboration between government-lottery operators and their commercial partners that makes this sector work. Industry Days is the platform to showcase the fruits of this partnership, to build the foundation for long-term growth and sustainability of the government-gaming sector.

Andy Duncan and Matt Godfrey describe the meaning and import of the EL Innovation Group. The Mission of the EL Innovation Group (ELIG) is to inspire and share innovation across the community of Lottery operators. By helping Lotteries to work together, the ELIG works to create the foundation for action and innovation-driven progress. It is a methodology workshop approach based on design thinking with the goal of giving participants practical tools to unlock the power of innovation. Follow the events section of European-lotteries.org to see the time, place, and agenda of the upcoming Innovation Group Seminars. Or e-mail matt.godfrey@camelot.co.uk or victoria.darbyshire@camelotgroup.uk with questions, feedback or to register.

The underlying thesis of Industry Days: You don’t need a digital strategy. You need a business strategy for the digital age.

Andy Duncan, CEO Camelot and Matt Godfrey, Camelot, Chair of EL Innovation Working Group.

EL Partners IGT, INTRALOT, Scientific Games, Kambi, NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions, and Playtech shared their vision for how Lottery is positioning itself for a prosperous and sustainable future.

In 1981, Bill Gates of all people is the one who said “640K ought to be enough for anybody”. Movies now stream into our iPhones at a rate that is literally 8,000 times faster than 640K, and we are not happy with anything less than that! As a sector, what are Lottery’s opportunities to invest in innovation that may not have a direct line from launch to ROI, but represent the wave of the future?

Change at Retail is evolutionary, but it is being driven by digital technology and consumer trends which are revolutionary. 94% of global consumer purchases continue to be at retail. The physical retail shopping experience is and will continue to appeal to the consumer. Technology is revolutionizing the consumer shopping experience by making it more entertaining, more engaging, and more convenient.

The beauty of the Lottery product is that it is much more intrinsically entertaining than the vast majority of CPG products. Lottery is entertaining, it’s fun. Why couldn’t that unique attribute be better leveraged to help our retail partners accomplish their goal to deliver a more entertaining shopping experience? Wouldn’t that enable Lottery to carve out a more relevant role for itself in the universe of land-based retailers? Further, Lottery strategies are already integrating internet, digital, and the physical in ways that are much more intrinsic to the product itself. Lottery could recast itself as the technology leader in the digital transformation of retail into an entertainment and consumer-engagement venue. Lottery can collaborate with major CPG brands to gamify the consumer experience. As we bring these ideas to life, the vision for how consumer behavior is changing the retail landscape can be turned into a reality that drives Lottery sales.

Omni-Experience to replace Omni-Channel.

Younes El Mechrafi, CEO, La Marocaine des Jeux

“Channel” implies a separation that is being connected by a bridge. The millennials experience directly, valuing transparency, invisibility to the relationship between the tool and the experience. Our needs are being met by an on-demand, technology-enabled, and sharing economy. For the digital native, Off-line + Online = No-Line. There is no divide. For example, the distinction between the smart-phone that is used to order the Uber pick-up, the little dot that shows us where our driver is, and the actual riding experience becomes immaterial, all of it collapsing into one experience which is getting from here to there. There is only the fluid, integrated experience of connectivity and engagement across all media and channels.

SCALE is everything in sport-betting
: Sport betting operators are merging to gain scale and reach and derive economies of scale and reach. Three companies will soon control 90% of the land-based market. Mergers are creating the scale that will become more and more formidable and make it more and more difficult for smaller operators to compete.

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La renaissance du commerce de détail à l’heure du numérique.  Hansjörg Höltkemeier, Président directeur général, Deutsche Klassenlotterie, Berlin ; Le président de l’Association européenne des loteries (EL) précise que les Industry Days ne sont pas consacrés au numérique, mais au commerce de détail. L’enjeu consiste à appliquer les technologies numériques à l’environnement du détail et à utiliser la technologie pour améliorer et renforcer la relation avec le consommateur de détail. En effet, notre secteur va continuer à tirer la grande majorité de son chiffre d’affaires de détaillants physiques. Younès El Mechrafi, Directeur général, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS) Le secrétaire général de l’Association des loteries d’Afrique nous accueille dans la sublime ville de Marrakech à l’occasion des Industry Days. Inutile d’avoir une stratégie numérique. Ce qu’il faut, c’est une stratégie commerciale pour l’ère du numérique. Ray Bates, Président d’honneur de l’EL et modérateur extraordinaire, nous présente le format des Industry Days et ce en quoi ce programme est tout à fait exceptionnel. La réussite de ce secteur est liée à la collaboration efficace entre les opérateurs de loteries publiques et leurs partenaires commerciaux. Les Industry Days constituent la plateforme permettant de mettre en avant les fruits de cette collaboration, de bâtir les fondations d’une croissance à long terme et d’assurer la durabilité du secteur public du jeu. Andy Duncan et Matt Godfrey décrivent la mission de l’EL Innovation Group (ELIG) comme étant de favoriser et de partager l’innovation à travers la communauté des opérateurs de loterie. Suivez la rubrique événements d’European-lotteries.org pour connaître l’heure, le lieu et le calendrier des séminaires à venir du groupe d’innovation. Les partenaires d’EL IGT, INTRALOT, Scientific Games, Kambi, NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions et Playtech ont partagé leur vision du positionnement de la loterie en vue d’un avenir prospère et durable. Consultez le programme des Industry Days pour une liste détaillée des intervenants.
El renacimiento del comercio en la era digital. Hansjörg Höltkemeier, Director Ejecutivo, Deutsche Klassenlotterie, Berlín; El Presidente de la Asociación de Loterías Europeas (European Lotteries, EL) aclara que Industry Days no trata del mundo digital, sino del comercio. Se trata de aplicar tecnologías digitales en el entorno de la venta al público, y de utilizar la tecnología para incrementar y mejorar la relación con el consumidor en el comercio. En el fondo, nuestro sector seguirá obteniendo la gran mayoría de sus ventas gracias a los comercios situados en establecimientos urbanos. Younès El Mechrafi, Director general, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS) El Secretario general de la African Lotteries Association nos da la bienvenida a la maravillosa ciudad de Marrakech y a Industry Days. Usted no necesita una estrategia digital. Necesita una estrategia de negocio para la era digital. Ray Bates, Presidente honorario de EL y Moderator Extraordinaire, nos presenta el formato de Industry Days, contando qué es lo que hace que este programa sea tan especial y diferente. Lo que hace que este sector funcione es la próspera colaboración entre operadores de loterías estatales y sus socios comerciales. Industry Days es la plataforma que expone los frutos de esta asociación y desarrolla las bases para el crecimiento a largo plazo y la sostenibilidad del sector del juego público o gubernamental. Andy Duncan y Matt Godfrey indican que la misión de EL Innovation Group (ELIG) es inspirar y compartir la innovación con toda la comunidad de operadores de loterías. Preste atención a la sección de eventos de European-lotteries.org para ver la hora, lugar y programa de los próximos Innovation Group Seminars (Seminarios de grupo de innovación). EL Partners IGT, INTRALOT, Scientific Games, Kambi, NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions y Playtech compartieron su visión acerca de cómo la lotería se está posicionando para un futuro próspero y sostenible. Consulte la lista completa de conferenciantes en el Programa de Industry Days.
Die Renaissance des Einzelhandels im digitalen Zeitalter. Hansjörg Höltkemeier, Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Klassenlotterie, Berlin. Präsident, European Lotteries Association (EL), betont, dass es bei den Industry Days nicht ums Digitale geht, sondern um den Einzelhandel. Es geht darum, digitale Technologien an den Einzelhandel anzupassen und zu nutzen, um die Beziehung zu Kunden im Einzelhandel zu fördern und auszubauen. Immerhin wird der Großteil des Umsatzes unserer Branche im örtlichen Einzelhandel erwirtschaftet. Younès El Mechrafi, Generaldirektor, La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS). Der Generalsekretär der African Lotteries Association begrüßt uns in der herrlichen Stadt Marrakesch zu den Industry Days. Sie brauchen keine digitale Strategie. Sie benötigen eine Geschäftsstrategie für das digitale Zeitalter. Ray Bates, Ehrenpräsident der EL und Moderator Extraordinaire, gibt uns eine Einführung in das Format der Industry Days und auch darüber, was diese zu einem so einzigartigen und speziellen Programm macht. Die Lotteriebranche spiegelt das Ergebnis einer erfolgreichen Kollaboration zwischen staatlichen Lotteriebetreibern und ihren kommerziellen Partnern. Die Industry Days bieten eine Plattform, auf der die Ergebnisse dieser Partnerschaft präsentiert und die Grundlage für langfristiges Wachstum und Nachhaltigkeit des staatlichen Glücksspielsektors geschaffen werden kann. Laut Andy Duncan und Matt Godfrey liegt das Ziel der EL Innovation Group (ELIG) darin, als Inspiration zu dienen und Innovationen mit der Gemeinschaft der Lotteriebetreiber zu teilen. Überprüfen Sie regelmäßig die Veranstaltungsliste auf European-lotteries.org, um Zeit, Ort und Tagesordnung der kommenden Innovation Group-Seminare zu sehen. Die Partner von EL – IGT, INTRALOT, Scientific Games, Kambi, NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions und Playtech – haben ihre Vision mit uns geteilt, wie sich die Lotteriebranche am besten für eine florierende und nachhaltige Zukunft positionieren sollte. Im Programm der Industry Days finden Sie eine vollständige Liste der Referenten.

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