New European Commission report on evaluation of regulatory tools for enforcing online gambling

On 31 January 2019, the European Commission published the report “Evaluation of regulatory tools for enforcing online gambling rules and channelling demand towards controlled offers”. While there is no obligation for the European Commission to act on the findings of this report, the report provides for a broad range of interesting findings, facts and conclusions that we can expect to be referenced to in different contexts in the future.

The report is a result of a Call for Tender (No 641/PP/GRO/IMA/17/1131/9610) for a Study to “ascertain which enforcement tools EU/EEA Member States use, how effective they are and how the regulators’ enforcement strategies can be optimised, thus developing a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of enforcement”. The contract was awarded to the Queen Mary University of London, the research was led by Prof Dr Julia Hӧrnle. Arjan van ‘t Veer and Jutta Buyse were two of the experts interviewed for this study.The publication of this report does not bind the European Commission to any action. The action of commissioning of such a study can be regarded as stemming from the 2012 Commission Communication “Towards a Comprehensive European Framework for Online Gambling” which featured as one of the priority areas for action the enhancement of administrative cooperation and efficient enforcement. The principle of such a study had been welcomed inside the EC Expert group on gambling with representatives from Member States, whose mandate expired in December 2018.

The method

The Research Team (1) developed a survey containing five questionnaires sent to all gambling regulators in the EU and EEA and conducted 35 interviews with experts, including the EL Secretary General and his Deputy; (2) carried out case studies in the form of a cartography experiment concerning blocked domains and a study on influencers promoting betting on Twitter; (3) carried out an extensive literature review.

The results

The report presents a very useful collection of data and facts from throughout Europe. It is evident that substantial effort was put into gathering examples from many Member States.

The conclusions and recommendations

The study includes a number of remarkable conclusions, such as.:

  • “International co-operation is crucial in the interconnected world of online gambling. International co-operation can take many different forms and degrees, but all international co-operation in this area is better than a purely national, isolated approach”
  • Effective enforcement also requires regulators having “teeth”, i.e. they should periodically assess whether they have sufficient enforcement tools and powers.
  • “One issue in respect of transnational co-operation is whether EU/EEA Member States could mutually ensure that gambling operators authorised in their jurisdiction do not provide services to another EU/EEA Member State where their services are unauthorised.”
  • The Researchers advise a wider technical study examining the use of social media by affiliates with a view to ensuring that (1) advertising is marked as such and (2) that gambling advertising complies with regulation.

Link to the full Report/Study

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Le 31 janvier 2019, la Commission européenne a publié le rapport intitulé « Évaluation des outils réglementaires permettant de faire respecter les règles en matière de jeu en ligne et de canaliser la demande vers des offres contrôlées ». Bien que la Commission européenne ne soit pas tenue de donner suite aux conclusions de ce rapport, le rapport fournit un grand nombre de conclusions, faits et constats intéressants, auxquels nous pouvons nous attendre à faire référence dans différents contextes à l’avenir.


El 31 de enero de 2019, la Comisión Europea publicó el informe “Evaluación de herramientas reguladoras para hacer cumplir las reglas de apuestas en línea y orientar la demanda hacia ofertas controladas”. Si bien la Comisión Europea no tiene por qué tomar medidas en función de este informe, dicho documento ofrece una gran variedad de hallazgos, hechos y conclusiones interesantes que pueden ser relevantes en diferentes contextos en el futuro.


Am 31. Januar 2019 hat die Europäische Kommission den Bericht „Bewertung der regulatorischen Instrumente zur Durchsetzung von Online-Glücksspielregeln und zur Lenkung der Nachfrage hin zu kontrollierten Angeboten“ veröffentlicht. Obwohl für die Europäische Kommission keine Verpflichtung besteht, auf die Ergebnisse dieses Berichts zu reagieren, so bietet er doch eine breite Palette an interessanten Erkenntnissen, Fakten und Rückschlüssen, bei denen wir davon ausgehen können, dass auf diese zukünftig in unterschiedlichen Kontexten Bezug genommen werden wird.

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