An Introduction to Nigel Railton, CEO, Camelot UK

Nigel Railton was appointed CEO of Camelot UK in November 2017. Here, we find out more about his career and his vision for the UK National Lottery.

Nigel Railton, CEO, Camelot UK


Before becoming CEO of Camelot UK last year, Nigel was previously CEO of its sister company, Camelot Global, which runs a growing portfolio of consultancy and private management contracts, giving the company an industry-leading reputation. During his time at Camelot Global, Nigel was integral in securing the 10-year private management agreement to run the Illinois Lottery, and worked very closely with Camelot’s shareholder, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), in the successful bid to operate the Irish National Lottery. This was in addition to negotiating a five-year contract to work with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to help improve its lottery sales, as well as launching a new online gaming platform for Swiss lottery operator Loterie Romande.

Nigel joined Camelot UK in 1998 as Financial Controller and became Finance Director in 2003, later joining Camelot’s Board in January 2006. He was also on the board of Camelot’s venture in South Africa from 2003 to 2005, which saw the company establish and support the successful operation of the inaugural South African National Lottery.

Having played a key role in Camelot’s successful bid to operate the UK National Lottery in the third licence period, Nigel became Finance and Operations Director in 2007, assuming overall responsibility for the successful implementation of Camelot’s transition commitments. This saw Camelot complete the largest and fastest lottery upgrade of its kind in the world – with an entirely new network of touch-screen terminals and cutting-edge digital media screens; an upgraded gaming system via a brand new communications network; and a new, next-generation National Lottery website, with a re-designed interface and host of new functions.

In 2008, working alongside then Group CEO Dianne Thompson, Nigel took responsibility for developing Camelot’s overall strategy for both the UK and international markets, and drove the sale of Camelot to OTPP in 2010. He then became Group CFO and Strategy Director, securing a four-year extension to Camelot’s current licence to operate the UK National Lottery, which now runs until 2023.

In June 2017, Nigel was asked by the Camelot UK Board to carry out a strategic review of the business following a sales decline in 2016/17. The review was concluded in November 2017 – at the same time that Nigel was appointed permanent CEO of Camelot UK – and is based on four main principles focused on bringing growth to The National Lottery. The principles are: Improving its range of games; investing in enhancement of its retail offerings; upgrading its digital capabilities; and reinvigorating The National Lottery brand.

On his appointment and ambitions for the future, Nigel said: “It’s a privilege to have been given the opportunity to run Camelot’s UK business. As operator of The National Lottery, we’re a company like no other – a commercial organisation that raises billions of pounds for the public good.’’

“Coming off the back of last year’s disappointing sales performance – and in the face of the very real threat posed by intensifying competition from the wider gambling sector, which benefits from significant taxation advantages, and continuing doubts over the economy – I don’t underestimate the challenge ahead of us. It is going to take some time to turn things around.”

“However, given the areas for improvement that we’ve identified during the strategic review, Camelot’s impressive track record of success over the long term and the first-class team that I’ll be working with, I firmly believe that we have an excellent platform to get The National Lottery back where it should be next year – in growth, creating more winners than ever before, and delivering even more money for the millions of people and thousands of communities for whom National Lottery funding is so crucial.”

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Présentation de Nigel Railton, PDG de Camelot UK

Nigel Railton a été nommé PDG de Camelot UK en novembre 2017, après avoir occupé le poste de PDG de sa société sœur, Camelot Global.

Nigel a rejoint Camelot UK en 1998 en tant que Contrôleur financier, avant d’être nommé Directeur financier en 2003 et d’intégrer le Conseil d’Administration de Camelot en janvier 2006.

Nigel a ensuite été nommé Directeur des finances et des opérations en 2007, après avoir joué un rôle prépondérant dans la candidature retenue de Camelot lors du second renouvellement de la licence d’exploitation de la Loterie nationale du Royaume-Uni.

En 2008, Nigel a été chargé du développement de la stratégie globale de Camelot pour le Royaume-Uni et les marchés internationaux, et il a ensuite supervisé la vente de Camelot à OTPP en 2010. Il est ensuite devenu Directeur Financier en charge de la stratégie du Groupe, et a réussi à obtenir une extension jusqu’en 2023 de la licence actuelle de Camelot pour opérer la Loterie nationale du Royaume-Uni.

Nigel a été chargé en juin 2017 par le Conseil d’Administration de Camelot UK de mener une évaluation stratégique axée sur quatre grands principes visant à développer la croissance de la Loterie nationale. Ces principes sont : Développer son offre de jeux ; investir pour améliorer ses offres de vente au détail ; mettre à jour ses capacités numériques ; et enfin, redynamiser la marque National Lottery.


Presentando a Nigel Railton, director ejecutivo, Camelot UK

Nigel Railton fue nombrado director ejecutivo de Camelot UK en noviembre de 2017, y previamente fue director ejecutivo de su empresa asociada, Camelot Global.

Nigel se incorporó a Camelot UK en 1998 como gestor financiero, y pasó a ser director financiero en 2003 para luego entrar en el consejo de Camelot en enero de 2006.

Nigel desempeñó un papel clave en el éxito de la candidatura de Camelot para gestionar la lotería nacional del Reino Unido en el tercer período de licencia, y en 2007 pasó a ser director de finanzas y operaciones.

En 2008, Nigel asumió la responsabilidad de desarrollar la estrategia general de Camelot tanto en el Reino Unido como para el mercado internacional, e impulsó la venta de Camelot a OTPP en 2010. Entonces pasó a ser director financiero y de estrategia del grupo, asegurando una ampliación de cuatro años de la licencia vigente de Camelot para gestionar la lotería nacional del Reino Unido, cuya duración actual finaliza en 2023.

En junio de 2017, el consejo de Camelot UK pidió a Nigel que realizara un análisis estratégico basado en cuatro principios básicos centrados en hacer crecer The National Lottery. Dichos principios són: Mejorar la gama de juegos; invertir en mejoras de la oferta de venta al por menor; aumentar las capacidades digitales, y fortalecer la marca The National Lottery.


Wir stellen vor: Nigel Railton, CEO, Camelot UK

Nigel Railton wurde im November 2017 zum CEO von Camelot UK ernannt. Zuvor war er CEO des Schwesterunternehmens Camelot Global.

Nigel kam 1998 als Financial Controller zu Camelot UK und wurde 2003 Finance Director. Im Januar 2006 wurde er schließlich Mitglied des Boards von Camelot.

Nachdem er eine zentrale Rolle in Camelots erfolgreicher Bewerbung um die Lizenz für den Betrieb der UK National Lottery im dritten Lizenzzeitraum gespielt hatte, wurde Railton 2007 Finance and Operations Director.

2008 übernahm Railton die Verantwortung für Camelots Gesamtstrategie für Großbritannien und internationale Märkte und war einer der Hauptverantwortlichen für die Übernahme von Camelot durch OTPP im Jahr 2010. Er wurde dann Group CFO und Strategy Director und sicherte eine vierjährige Verlängerung von Camelots aktueller Lizenz für den Betrieb der UK National Lottery, die jetzt bis 2023 läuft.

Im Juni 2017 wurde er vom Camelot UK Board beauftragt, eine strategische Prüfung auf Basis von vier Grundprinzipien durchzuführen, um The National Lottery zu mehr Wachstum zu verhelfen. Bei diesen Prinzipien handelt es sich um: Ausbau des Glücksspielangebots; Investitionen in Vertriebsangebote; Stärkung digitaler Kompetenzen; Belebung der Marke „The National Lottery“.

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