INTRALOT | Trends and technologies that modernise the Lottery Industry

Innovative technologies and trends are significantly changing the lottery industry, increasing the levels of its complexity and sophistication. New technological trends such as Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality, biometrics, remote and predictive maintenance, proximity marketing and data analytics are set to make lotteries, extremely exciting.

As it was stated during the 10th EL Congress in the CEO Panel discussion by Maria Stergiou, Group Chief Sales and Operations Officer of INTRALOT, all the above technological trends are creating several new opportunities for the Lottery sector in the coming years and operators will need to align their strategies with the use of these new technologies to keep up with the changing landscape by modernising their retail channels. In this way, they will create new and exciting experiences for their customers, streamline their operations and enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Maria Stergiou, Group Chief Sales and Operations Officer of INTRALOT at the CEO Panel debate

Considering the wider trend of consumers moving online and “moving on from the debate whether online poses threats to retail” according to Mrs. Stergiou, Operators need to synch retail with online environments and create a “true omni-channel” experience – technology will play a key role in this integration. In such an omni-channel environment, a lottery game can be available in different sales channels, allowing the player to shift channels without any compromise in the quality of the service offered. This journey across different channels has to be seamless and flawless, delivering the experience players expect in the most convenient way, including betting without the use of paper slips and preloading bets to players that bring their own devices at the counter, to self-service terminals equipped with the latest technological advancement.  In the rapidly changing gaming industry, each player is at the centre; a player who connects and switches across multiple products and channels and who is becoming more and more identifiable. Personalisation, ad-hoc targeting and treatment is crucial for gaming operators who want to be ahead of competition. Considering not only personal characteristics but also player’s interactions at every touchpoint -retail and online-, game and financial activity and loyalty level can enable Operators to address player needs and build personalised experiences that satisfy and retain its customer base.

Furthermore, the rise of big data and the increasing number of IoT devices will significantly change the face of retail. Big data analytics are already applied to every stage of the retail process. It is used to predict trends, forecast demand, optimise, identify customers habits and preferences, and determine which type of content to show them. Lottery operators through engagement with their customers via smart devices, can collect mass quantities of data and with the use of Big Data/Data analytics can achieve comprehensive analysis of the lottery landscape. Understanding the performance of retail chains and identifying revenue opportunities at multiple levels by blending actionable data from different sources will significantly improve performance as well as provide concrete information that will be used for future product enhancements on user experience and service improvements by identifying player preferences and emerging trends. This will help Operators “not only to choose the right games or apply the correct promotions but also to become more efficient from choosing the appropriate places for new shops opening to understanding when to change a lottery game and how often” Maria Stergiou explains.

Considering the above-mentioned technological advances, it is obvious that retail industry transforms in a disruptive way. This dictates the need to modernise and optimise operations, offer differentiated end-to-end customer experiences at much faster speeds to drive growth and retention. At the same time, digitalisation is clearly becoming an asset for any Operator that understands the current dynamics of the gaming market, wants to expand their reach to new audiences or offer new alternatives to existing clientele.

INTRALOT, being a company that embraces innovation, is always interested in new technological advancements that will improve Lotteries efficiency by integrating new technologies and innovations in its products, aiming to meet customers’ expectations and technological trends. INTRALOT with its next-generation products including the new lottery solution Lotos X, and the new sports betting platform INTRALOT Orion, enables Lotteries digital transformation. As it was showcased in its booth during the 10th  EL Congress, these new proposals are based on a holistic approach that involves cross-platform and cross-vertical infrastructure, facilitating fast go-to-market and thus, reducing total cost of ownership for the operators. To this respect, INTRALOT focuses its product development on the customer experience, either digital or physical, aiming at supporting operators worldwide in their dual role, creating intense and engaging experiences for the players.

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Intralot | Tendances et technologies qui modernisent l’industrie de la loterie

Les technologies innovantes et les nouvelles tendances technologiques créent de nouvelles opportunités pour le secteur des loteries alors que la numérisation façonne l’avenir du secteur du jeu. Les opérateurs sont appelés à fournir un environnement multicanal qui permet une expérience client fluide et transparente offrant les mêmes sensations et un effet total dans le monde physique et numérique.

Les tendances émergentes dans l’échange de valeur et d’informations, le développement des dispositifs IdO, le Big Data et l’analyse des données aideront considérablement les loteries à évaluer les habitudes et les tendances des clients, à comprendre leurs performances à différents niveaux et à proposer aux clients des expériences améliorées et personnalisées.

La numérisation devient clairement un atout pour tout opérateur qui comprend la dynamique actuelle du marché du jeu et qui souhaite étendre sa portée à de nouveaux publics ou offrir de nouvelles alternatives à sa clientèle existante. INTRALOT, avec ses produits de nouvelle génération, dont la nouvelle solution de loterie Lotos X et la nouvelle plateforme de paris sportifs INTRALOT Orion, permet la transformation numérique des loteries, offre une véritable expérience multicanal à l’utilisateur final et répond aux besoins spécifiques de chaque réseau pour tous les points de vente, visant à accompagner les opérateurs dans leur double rôle et créant une expérience inspirante pour les joueurs.


Intralot | Tendencias y tecnologías que modernizan el sector de las loterías

Las nuevas tendencias tecnológicas y tecnologías innovadoras están creando nuevas oportunidades para el sector de la lotería al tiempo que la digitalización está dando forma al futuro de la industria del juego. Se solicita a los operadores que ofrezcan un entorno omnicanal que permita experiencias para los clientes fluidas y sin problemas que ofrezcan un entusiasmo similar y un efecto total en los mundos tanto físicos como digitales.

Las tendencias emergentes en el intercambio de valor e información, la expansión de los dispositivos de Internet de las cosas (IoT), “big data” y análisis de datos ayudarán de manera considerable las loterías para evaluar las tendencias y hábitos de los clientes, comprender su rendimiento en múltiples niveles y ofrecer a los clientes experiencias mejores y personalizadas.

La digitalización se está convirtiendo claramente en un activo para cualquier operador que comprenda la dinámica actual del mercado de juegos, que quiera ampliar su alcance a nuevos públicos u ofrecer nuevas alternativas a la clientela actual. INTRALOT, con sus productos de la próxima generación, entre ellos, Lotos X, la nueva solución de loterías, e INTRALOT Orion, la nueva plataforma de apuestas deportivas, facilita la transformación digital de las loterías y ofrece una verdadera experiencia omnicanal para el usuario final y satisface las necesidades específicas de cada canal para todos los puntos de venta, con el objetivo de proporcionar apoyo a los operadores en todo el mundo en su función dual, creando atractivas experiencias para los jugadores.


Intralot | Trends und Technologien, die die Lotterieindustrie modernisieren

Innovative Technologien und neue technologische Trends eröffnen dem Lotteriesektor neue Möglichkeiten, während die Digitalisierung die Zukunft der Glücksspielbranche prägt. Die Betreiber sind aufgefordert, ein alle Kanäle umfassendes Umfeld bereitzustellen, das ein reibungsloses und nahtloses Kundenerlebnis ermöglicht und eine ähnliche Begeisterung und Gesamtwirkung in der realen und der digitalen Welt bietet.

Aufkommende Trends beim Wert- und Informationsaustausch, der Erweiterung von IoT-Geräten sowie Big Data und Datenanalysen werden Lotterien bei der Bewertung von Kundengewohnheiten und -trends, beim Verständnis von deren Leistung auf mehreren Ebenen und bei der Bereitstellung verbesserter und personalisierter Erfahrungen für die Kunden erheblich unterstützen.

Die Digitalisierung wird eindeutig zu einem Vermögenswert für jeden Betreiber, der die aktuelle Dynamik des Spielemarkts versteht und seine Reichweite auf neue Zielgruppen ausdehnen oder neue Alternativen für bestehende Kunden anbieten möchte. INTRALOT ermöglicht mit seinen Produkten der nächsten Generation, einschließlich der neuen Lotterielösung Lotos X und der neuen Plattform für Sportwetten INTRALOT Orion, die digitale Umgestaltung von Lotterien. Sie bieten dem Endbenutzer ein authentisches Erlebnis über alle Kanäle und befriedigen die spezifischen Bedürfnisse jedes Kanals für alle Verkaufsstellen. Das Ziel dessen ist es, die Betreiber weltweit in ihrer Doppelrolle zu unterstützen und den Spielern ein ansprechendes Erlebnis zu bieten.

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