IGT | Lottomatica: Boosting Support for Women in the Workplace

Italian operator Lottomatica uses a range of programmes and tools to promote gender balance and offer personal and professional support for female employees.

In recent years, the employment rate for women in Italy has climbed to record highs, yet the nation’s workplace gender gap is still among the widest in Europe.[1] Various efforts are underway around the country to promote a more inclusive, gender-balanced culture and workplace. Lottomatica is on the leading edge of change, participating in a set of targeted initiatives to provide personal and professional development support for women in the company.

Currently, Lottomatica’s workforce is composed of 36% women, which compares favourably with the Mercer Benchmark Database figure for the global representation of women in the workforce (38%). In addition, Lottomatica CEO Fabio Cairoli relies on the input and contributions of a business leadership team where women represent Finance, Businesses, IT and Operations, Legal, Purchasing, Sales and Trade, Corporate Communications, Customer Management, and the IGT human resources team: People and Transformation.

“We are investing in high-potential women to ensure that they’re part of the pipeline in terms of succession, to increase the number of women leaders at Lottomatica. At the same time, we initiated and implemented a varied set of activities and initiatives to improve the inclusivity of our workplaces at all levels,” says Emanuela Corsi, Talent Management Director.

“Importantly, our commitment extends beyond the leadership level,” adds Elena Belisario, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador, who was involved in this effort at its inception in 2017. She notes, “We have implemented a number of programmes and tools across the organisation to support women’s employment and make their lives easier. IGT recognises that having a diverse and inclusive culture supports our ability to innovate and compete, and to provide gaming experiences that anticipate changing player needs. The wide range of programmes we’re participating in at Lottomatica is already making a difference in our business and in employees’ lives.”

WIN with IGT: Italy

Members of Win with IGT: Italy, a chapter of IGT’s Women’s Inclusion Network, which empowers women through networking, professional development, and mentorship opportunities.

On March 8 – International Women’s Day – of 2019, Lottomatica launched its own chapter of WIN with IGT, the company’s Women’s Inclusion Network, which empowers women through networking, professional development, and mentorship opportunities. Now celebrating its one-year anniversary, the WIN with IGT: Italy chapter currently counts more than 90 employees as members. The chapter’s mission is aligned in scope with other WIN with IGT groups internationally. Each chapter executes against goals specific to its local needs. For the Italy chapter, those areas of focus are:

  • Culture ─ A focus on cultural change in the context of integration and female leadership, starting from the perception and knowledge of the female condition up to the sharing of models and positive experiences
  • Welfare ─ Initiatives to support women in achieving work-life balance
  • Leadership ─ Showing that there are effective leadership styles other than one viewed as traditionally masculine, and which have distinctive values that contribute to the success of the company
  • Networking ─ Sharing the culture of the “network” and the value of “making relationships” within the company and outside the company.

“Having a diverse and inclusive culture supports our ability to innovate and compete, and to provide gaming experiences that anticipate changing player needs. The wide range of programmes we’re participating in at Lottomatica is already making a difference in our business and in employees’ lives.”

Elena Belisario, Lottomatica Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador

“Valore D’s Female Employment Manifesto”

Another facet of the effort is Lottomatica’s participation in a nationwide association of companies known as Valore D, short for “Valore Donna.”

Founded in Italy in 2009 by 12 managers from 12 global corporations, including Johnson & Johnson, IKEA, Microsoft, and Vodafone, Valore D was established to promote female employment and gender equity as a driver of innovation, competition, productivity, and growth. Along with the focus on diversity and inclusion, the organisation is committed to measuring the impact of its actions and to fostering social innovation. The association currently counts more than 200 companies as members, representing over 2 million employees. Valore D’s strategy is a win-win one, since it offers efficient tools for enterprises to foster and enhance an inclusive culture and enables comparison with other companies’ best practices as well as with institutional guidelines.

In 2017, Lottomatica signed “Valore D’s Female Employment Manifesto,” a nine-point programme identifying fundamental ways companies can enhance female talent and increase the presence of women on their teams. By signing the manifesto, Lottomatica and the other sponsoring companies pledge to consider gender diversity during recruitment and monitor gender balance and pay gaps at all levels of the organisation, with specific attention to maternity management and parental support. Lottomatica is also an active participant in two of Valore D’s programs to develop and inspire women:

  • WeFly® Mentoring Program “This programme is beautiful because it puts together people from different industries and organisational cultures within the scope of developing future women in leadership roles,” says Barbara Ghinassi, IGT Senior Director Global Talent Management, who was selected by Lottomatica and Valore D to participate. She mentors a female middle manager from UniCredit, an Italian global banking firm. “I have served as a mentor in the past, and I’m really excited by this programme,” says Ghinassi. “My mentee and I started in December 2019, and we’ll finish in May. Her goal is to develop her career and specifically build capabilities to deal with gender equality in her industry and her corporate environment. I’m impressed to see how effective mentoring can be and how it can make an impact on a mentee’s career development in such a short time. Also, the beauty of a mentoring relationship is that it brings mutual learning to the mentor and the mentee. I’m learning a lot myself from my mentee, and I’m getting to know more about her industry that I can apply to my own role in talent management.”

“I’m impressed to see how mentoring can make an impact on a mentee’s career development in such a short time. Also, the beauty of a mentoring relationship is that it brings mutual learning to the mentor and the mentee.” 

Barbara Ghinassi, IGT Senior Director Global Talent Management

According to Valore D, WeFly mentees are all Italian women with an average age of 39, which “typically represents a critical period for career progression.” The mentors taking part are both women (46%) and men (54%) with strong international career experience. Data on Valore D’s mentorship programmes shows that 50% of the managers who have participated have experienced career progress within 18 months.“WeFly has been an amazing opportunity for me,” says Stefania Colombo, IGT Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Manager, who was selected by Lottomatica and Valore D to participate as a mentee. “My mentor is the EMEA HR Head from a global banking firm. His guidance has been so valuable, and he has been extremely supportive in helping me recognise my strengths and weaknesses to build on them or improve them. This is an experience I will never forget.”

  • InspirinGirls – Your future is the colour you want it to be. Lottomatica employees are participating in an initiative described by Valore D as one “that brings women who have jobs which are not usual for women into secondary schools to tell their stories as a way of encouraging girls to follow their aspirations, unburdened by gender stereotypes.” Notes Marzia Mastrogiacomo, Lottomatica Senior Vice President Lotteries and member of the IGT Global Diversity and Inclusion Council, “When Lottomatica’s employees go out to schools, it exposes students to women with jobs in math, in finance, and in other fields they might not have thought they could participate in.” InspirinGirls is an international campaign, founded in the U.K. and now active in six countries, which aims to empower girls, making them aware of their own potential and talents, and releasing them from unconscious gender bias that otherwise would hinder their ambitions. To date, the initiative has introduced more than 3,000 children across Italy to new role models. Lottomatica took on this commitment in order to encourage more women to run crucial roles in the world of work. The project effectively creates a bridge between schools and companies. In the past three years, 16 of Lottomatica’s role models have met over 20 classes in 11 different schools within impoverished areas of Rome, the capital city.

“When Lottomatica’s employees go out to schools, it exposes students to women with jobs in math, in finance, and in other fields they might not have thought they could participate in.”

Marzia Mastrogiacomo, Lottomatica Senior Vice President Lotteries and member of the IGT Global Diversity and Inclusion Council

The Life Based Value Programme

Recently, Lottomatica joined the growing list of “Life Ready” companies as designated by the Italian ed-tech organisation Life Based Value, founded on the premise that “the most human life events are the ones that help us learn and improve the soft skills that are in demand in the workplace.” The organisation provides tools and guidance to help Lottomatica employees draw a connection between soft skills they cultivate and strengthen through the training that real life offers (such as parenting and caregiving), and the skills used at work. It also helps participants learn to balance parenting/caregiving and work responsibilities. Through Life Based Value, Lottomatica offers employees digital tools for caregivers and for parents with children up to three years old.

National Survey

Lottomatica engaged more than 50 male and female employees to participate in a national questionnaire to help delineate the needs of women age 50 and above. Lottomatica’s input was consolidated with 120 other companies in Italy, and the results were delivered to Lottomatica early last year. The results will help to inform a new Italian chapter of IGT’s Diversity and Inclusion Group for employees age 50 and above. “Right now, we have three generations working in the same company, and soon we will have four generations,” notes Barbara Ghinassi. “We need to understand how to value and retain our colleagues who are 50 and above, and we need to understand how we can all interact and work together on the same teams.” According to Valore D, one of the best practices companies can adopt in order to include and value generational diversity is reverse mentoring, a tool by which senior employees seek to gain insights from less experienced colleagues, who are often younger. Lottomatica just launched a reverse mentoring program at the beginning of 2020 as a pilot project.

[1] The latest European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) report in 2018 found that “the gender gap in 2017 was widest in Malta (24.5%), Italy (18%) and Greece (17%), while it was close to zero in Lithuania, and around 3% in Sweden, Latvia, and Finland. Countries with the widest gender gap also have the lowest employment rates for women in the EU.”


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Lottomatica d’IGT : Stimuler le soutien pour les femmes sur le lieu de travail

Au cours des dernières années, le taux d’emploi des femmes en Italie a atteint des records, pourtant l’écart entre les sexes sur le lieu de travail du pays est toujours parmi les plus importants d’Europe.[1] Divers efforts sont en cours dans le pays pour promouvoir une culture et un lieu de travail plus inclusifs et équilibrés.

Lottomatica d’IGT amorce un changement, en participant à un ensemble d’initiatives ciblées pour fournir un soutien en développement personnel et professionnel pour les femmes dans l’entreprise. Elena Belisario, Ambassadrice Diversité et Inclusion a déclaré « IGT reconnaît qu’une culture diversifiée et inclusive soutient notre capacité à innover et à rivaliser, et à offrir des expériences de jeu qui anticipent les besoins changeants du joueur. La vaste gamme de programmes auxquels nous participons chez Lottomatica fait déjà une différence dans notre activité et dans la vie des employés ».

L’année dernière, Lottomatica a lancé son propre chapitre de WIN avec IGT, le réseau d’inclusion des femmes de l’entreprise. Lottomatica participe également à une association nationale d’entreprises connue sous le nom de Valore D, abréviation de « Valore Donna ». En 2017, Lottomatica a signé la mise en œuvre du« Manifeste pour l’emploi des femmes de Valore D », un programme en neuf points pour les entreprises afin d’améliorer les talents féminins et d’augmenter la présence des femmes dans leurs équipes.

Lottomatica participe également à deux programmes Valore D : le Programme de mentorat WeFly® et InspirinGirls. Récemment, Lottomatica a piloté un programme de mentorat inversé. Il a également rejoint la liste croissante des entreprises « Life Ready » telle que désigné par l’organisation italienne ed-tech Life Based Value, qui fournit des outils et des conseils pour aider les employés à établir un lien entre les compétences de la vie (telles que celles utilisées dans l’éducation et l’accompagnement) et les compétences utilisées au travail.

[1] Le dernier rapport de l’Institut syndical européen (ETUI) en 2018 a révélé que « l’écart entre les sexes en 2017 était le plus important à Malte (24,5 %), en Italie (18 %) et en Grèce (17 %), alors qu’il était proche de zéro en Lituanie, et autour de 3 % en Suède, Lettonie et Finlande. Les pays ayant le plus grand écart entre les sexes ont également les taux d’emploi les plus faibles pour les femmes dans l’UE ».


IGT Lottomatica: Apoyo a las mujeres en el lugar de trabajo

En los últimos años, la tasa de empleo de las mujeres en Italia ha aumentado hasta alcanzar máximos nunca antes registrados, pero la diferencia de género en el lugar de trabajo en el país sigue estando entre las más amplias de Europa.[1] Se están llevando a cabo varios esfuerzos en todo el país para fomentar una cultura y un lugar de trabajo más inclusivos, equilibrados en cuanto al género.

IGT Lottomatica está en la vanguardia del cambio, participando en un conjunto de iniciativas que tienen como fin proporcionar apoyo en el desarrollo personal y profesional a las mujeres de la empresa. Elena Belisario, embajadora de Diversidad e Inclusión dice que: “IGT es consciente de que tener una cultura diversa e inclusiva respalda nuestra capacidad de innovar, competir y de proporcionar experiencias de juego que anticipen las necesidades cambiantes de los jugadores. La amplia gama de programas en los que estamos participando en Lottomatica ya está marcando la diferencia en nuestro negocio y en la vida de los empleados”.

El año pasado, Lottomatica lanzó su propio capítulo de WIN con IGT, la red de inclusión para mujeres de la empresa. Lottomatica también participa en una asociación nacional de empresas conocidas como Valore D, abreviación de “Valore Donna”. En 2017, Lottomatica se unió a la iniciativa de implementar el “Manifiesto de empleo femenino Valore D”, un programa de nueve puntos para que las empresas mejoren el talento femenino y aumenten la presencia de mujeres en sus equipos.

Lottomatica participa también en dos programas de Valore D: el Programa de mentores WeFly® e InspirinGirls. Recientemente, Lottomatica llevó a cabo un piloto de un programa de mentores inverso. También se unió a la creciente lista de empresas “Life Ready” según lo designado por la organización de educación tecnológica Life Based Value, que proporciona herramientas y orientación para ayudar a los empleados a establecer una conexión entre las destrezas para la vida (como las que se utilizan al criar hijos o cuidar de la gente mayor) y las habilidades utilizadas en el trabajo.

[1] El último informe del Instituto Sindical Europeo (ETUI) en 2018 halló que “la brecha de género en 2017 fue más amplia en Malta (24,5 %), Italia (18 %) y Grecia (17 %), mientras que estaba cerca de cero en Lituania y alrededor del 3 % en Suecia, Letonia y Finlandia. Los países con la mayor diferencia de género también tienen las tasas de empleo más bajas para las mujeres de la UE”.


IGT Lottomatica: Verstärkte Unterstützung für Frauen am Arbeitsplatz

In den letzten Jahren ist die Beschäftigungsquote von Frauen in Italien auf Rekordhöhen gestiegen, doch die geschlechtsspezifischen Unterschiede am Arbeitsplatz gehören nach wie vor zu den größten in Europa.[1] Im ganzen Land sind verschiedene Bemühungen in Gang gesetzt worden, um eine integrativere, geschlechtergerechte Kultur und Arbeitsumgebung zu fördern.

IGT Lottomatica steht an der Spitze des Wandels und beteiligt sich an einer Reihe von gezielten Initiativen zur Unterstützung der persönlichen und beruflichen Entwicklung von Frauen im Unternehmen. Elena Belisario, Botschafterin für Vielfalt und Integration sagte: „IGT hat erkannt, dass eine vielfältige und integrative Kultur unsere Fähigkeit zur Innovation und zum Wettbewerb unterstützt und uns Spielerfahrungen bietet, welche die sich ändernden Bedürfnisse der Spieler frühzeitig erkennen lassen. Die breite Palette der Programme, an denen wir bei Lottomatica teilnehmen, macht bereits einen Unterschied in unserem Unternehmen und im Leben der Mitarbeiter aus.”

Letztes Jahr hat Lottomatica mit IGT ein eigenes Kapitel von WIN, dem Women's Inclusion Network des Unternehmens, gestartet. Lottomatica beteiligt sich zudem an einer landesweiten Vereinigung von Unternehmen, die als Valore D, eine Abkürzung für „Valore Donna“, bekannt ist. Im Jahr 2017 unterzeichnete Lottomatica ein Neun-Punkte-Programm für Unternehmen, um weibliche Talente zu fördern und die Präsenz von Frauen in ihren Teams zu erhöhen, das „Valore D's Female Employment Manifesto“.

Lottomatica nimmt zudem an zwei Valore-D-Programmen teil: dem WeFly®-Mentoring-Programm und InspirinGirls. Kürzlich führte Lottomatica ein Reverse-Mentoring-Programm durch. Es wurde außerdem in die wachsende Liste der „Life Ready“-Unternehmen aufgenommen, die von der italienischen Ed-Tech-Organisation Life Based Value zusammengestellt wurde und Tools sowie Anleitungen zur Verfügung stellt, um Mitarbeitern dabei zu helfen, eine Verbindung zwischen Lebenskompetenzen (wie z.B. denen, die in der Eltern- und Pflegearbeit eingesetzt werden) und den am Arbeitsplatz eingesetzten Fähigkeiten herzustellen.

[1] Der letzte Bericht des European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) im Jahr 2018 stellte fest, dass „die geschlechtsspezifische Diskrepanz im Jahr 2017 in Malta (24,5 %), Italien (18 %) und Griechenland (17 %) am größten war, während sie in Litauen fast bei Null lag und in Schweden, Lettland und Finnland bei etwa 3 %. Die Länder mit der größten geschlechtsspezifischen Diskrepanz haben auch die niedrigsten Beschäftigungsquoten für Frauen in der EU.“

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