Game Set and Match! How lotteries can win in the sports betting market

The EL/WLA Sports Betting Seminar organised in Madrid on 21-22 November held many insights for the future work of lotteries in the sports betting market. Much was said about social responsibility and possibilities in markets facing more regulatory and technological disruption than ever before.  The key take-aways from the seminar came from these four areas: regulation, offering, collaboration and knowledge.


On the regulatory and legal front, lotteries, in almost every market, are facing challenges in their sports betting operations. Lottomatica presented their plans to deal with the general advertising ban in Italy. A strong physical presence, search engine optimisation and a smart CRM solution can put lotteries at an advantage even in the context of a total marketing ban. La Française des Jeux presented the potential challenges associated to the question of sport data ownership. There may be another court decision needed to clarify what the famous fixtures case of the 2004 means today in the era of live betting.

From left to right (seated): Vagelis Alexandrakis, Deputy General Secretary, GLMS, Matthew Perry, Education & Training Manager, Tennis Integrity Unit UK, Gilles Maillet, Director of Sport Integrity, FDJ, France & Claudio Marinelli, Criminal Intelligence Officer, Interpol, France

For sports and sports betting in particular, the integrity of sport matches is still a hot topic. One of the highlights of the seminar was the panel on maintaining sports integrity between representatives of GLMS, Interpol, the Tennis Integrity Unit and La Française des Jeux. Though the ratification of the Macolin Convention has been slow due to the obstruction of Malta within the EU, this has not inhibited significant national and international collaboration between the three main stakeholders of the convention: sports betting operators, public authorities (police) and sports organisations. The panel urged all EL and WLA members to join GLMS if they have not yet done so. The stronger the collaboration between key stakeholders are, the tighter our grip around criminal activity in sport will be.

From left to right (seated): Louis Beaudet, Sports Betting Director, Loto Quebec, Canada, Ludovico Calvi, President, GLMS & Patricia McQueen, Editor, NASPL, USA

Finally, the case-law triggered changes in the regulation of the sports betting market in the United States were highlighted in the panel focussing on the opening of the North American market. In a relatively short time, some 13 US lotteries have either authorised or have already launched their sports betting products.  There is a great variety in the regulatory models and technologies being introduced. Time will tell how the market and the larger public will react to these significant changes.


The last few years have seen the rapid digitalisation of lotteries around the world. Cases from some of Europe’s most innovative lotteries, Danske Spil, Veikkaus and La Française des Jeux demonstrated how digitalisation gives lotteries an edge over their legal and illegal online competitors. Lotteries on all continents are faring quite well in capturing market share with innovative digital services. Singapore pools, Szerencsejatek Zrt. in Hungary and even the Oregon Lottery with its brand new sports betting mobile app are giving their competition a good run for their money.

One of the most significant developments in the offering of lotteries in sports betting is the rise of e-sports. Veikkaus reported that these new sports disciplines represent already the fifth most popular sports betting offering of the lottery ahead of basketball. Only a handful of lotteries offer e-sports for the moment. The potential to attract a new generation and segment of customers should encourage lotteries to enter this space. As La Marocaine Des Jeux et Des Sports explained, there are ways of “gently” entering this market by introducing games that fit the cultural profile and regulatory acceptance level of each market.


Pat Cash, Former World Junior no. 1, Wimbledon Champion & two times Davis Cup winner

EL and WLA seminars and events serve as a great information sharing platform. Though some collaboration may be ruled out by regulation, much could be achieved in working together in developing new collective offerings and practices across jurisdictions. The excellent overview of the global market presented by Christian Kalb demonstrated that competitors are getting bigger across the globe. As tennis legend Pat Cash told participants before their departure to see the Davis Cup quarter finals, “you are only as strong as your team is. Even in individual sports”. 


Knowledge is power. The Seminars are key in creating a platform for the exchange of intelligence about the global sports betting industry. They also create a smart community of sports betting professionals who have their countries’ good causes at heart. This sports betting seminar was particularity rich in information and encouraging success stories: it is up to the participants now to transform what they learned into knowledge that can improve their national activities. In particular, much insight is needed to transform the many sports betting challenges facing lotteries today into unique business opportunities in the future.

To summarise, with its mix of insights about regulation, offerings, collaboration and knowledge, this EL/WLA Sports Betting Seminar in Madrid really ROCKed!


André Noël Chaker
Moderator of the EL/WLA Sports Betting Seminar
Madrid, 22 November 2019

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Comment les loteries peuvent-elles gagner sur le marché des paris sportifs ?

Le séminaire sur les paris sportifs EL/WLA a offert de nombreuses perspectives pour le travail futur des loteries sur le marché des paris sportifs. Il a été beaucoup discuté de la responsabilité sociale et des possibilités sur les marchés faisant maintenant plus que jamais face à des perturbations réglementaires et technologiques. Les principales propositions à retenir portaient sur quatre domaines : réglementation, offre, collaboration et connaissances.

Deux tables rondes se sont tenues : l’une sur l’intégrité du sport et la ratification de la Convention de Macolin et l’autre sur la situation réglementaire du marché américain et les défis pour les loteries.

Ces dernières années ont vu la numérisation rapide des loteries dans le monde entier, certains exemples parmi les loteries les plus innovantes d’Europe ont démontré comment la numérisation donne aux loteries un avantage sur leurs concurrents en ligne légaux et illégaux. Un excellent aperçu du marché mondial a démontré que les concurrents des loteries s’agrandissent dans le monde entier.


Cómo pueden ganar las loterías en el mercado de apuestas deportivas

En el seminario de apuestas deportivas de EL/WLA (World Lottery Association [Asociación Mundial de Lotería]) se expusieron numerosas visiones sobre el futuro de las loterías en el mercado de apuestas deportivas. Se trató mucho el tema de la responsabilidad social y de las posibilidades en los mercados que se enfrentan, ahora más que nunca, a una mayor alteración normativa y tecnológica. Las conclusiones clave se centran en cuatro áreas: regulación, oferta, colaboración y conocimiento.

Se celebraron dos debates grupales: uno sobre la integridad deportiva y la ratificación del Convenio de Macolin, y el otro sobre la situación normativa del mercado estadounidense y los desafíos del sector de la lotería.

Dado que en los últimos años se ha producido una rápida digitalización de las loterías en todo el mundo, los casos de algunas de las loterías más innovadoras de Europa demostraron cómo la digitalización ofrece a las loterías una ventaja sobre sus competidores digitales tanto legales como ilegales. Una excelente visión general del mercado mundial demostró que los competidores de loterías están creciendo en todo el mundo.


Wie Lotterien auf dem Markt für Sportwetten gewinnen können

Das EL/WLA Seminar zum Thema Sportwetten hat viele Erkenntnisse für die zukünftige Arbeit von Lotterien im Bereich Sportwetten gebracht. Es wurde viel über soziale Verantwortung und Möglichkeiten auf den Märkten gesprochen, die von zunehmenden regulatorischen und technologischen Problemen gezeichnet sind. Die wichtigsten Erkenntnisse stammen aus vier Bereichen: Regulierung, Angebot, Zusammenarbeit und Wissen.

Es fanden zwei Podiumsdiskussionen statt: eine zum Thema Sportintegrität und Ratifizierung der Macolin-Konvention und eine weitere zur gesetzlichen Regelungsgrundlage auf dem US-Markt sowie den Herausforderungen für Lotterien.

Vor dem Hintergrund der rasanten Digitalisierung von Lotterien in den vergangenen Jahren haben einige der innovativsten Lotterien Europas vorgeführt, wie die Digitalisierung Lotterien, im Vergleich zu legalen und illegalen Online-Konkurrenten, einen entscheidenden Vorteil verschaffen kann. In einem umfassenden Überblick über den globalen Markt wurde gezeigt, dass die Konkurrenz im Lotteriebereich weltweit zunimmt.

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