First EL Membership satisfaction survey

The EL Management has completed their first ever EL membership satisfaction survey. In this article, Jutta Buyse and Arjan van ‘t Veer discuss he main results. There is overall a very high satisfaction of EL members who regard their association as the go-to organisation to defend their interests. Members rate the quality of the educational programme and the work of the working groups of the association in particular as very high. What they consider as most important is the monitoring of policy developments and the advocacy towards the EU institutions.


AA: I noticed when I arrived at EL that while we had always asked our members for feedback after a seminar or a congress for example and we regularly ask them to give us details about their national situations on specific aspects, we had never actually asked them how they think that we do. Of course the many networking opportunities and exchange platforms give us a lot of opportunity to discuss this and we are fortunate to have quite insightful comments from members during the General Assembly, for example. But that’s always different from asking very specific questions and asking respondents to rate how important they consider items and what their level of satisfaction is.

JB: It was high time to conduct such a survey and then the first question is always: where do you start? What would you really like to know and how can you best measure the membership satisfaction in a way that you can hold it against what you are actually doing? I put together the questionnaire based on analysis that I had done together with experts from the Vlerick business school, where I follow an Executive Development programme. The basic starting point is that a sectoral association in essence has one task: deliver the service that its members desire. The activities of our association – and this is also quite well outlined in our statutes – can basically be divided into four blocks: promoting the interests of our members, support and cooperate with stakeholders, providing a forum for exchange of experiences and coordination, and establish best practice standards and cooperation forums. I then broke these blocks down into items that describe ‘capabilities’ and we ask on the one hand how important they consider these, and then we ask how strong they feel the association performs on them. Everyone from the EL membership was invited to participate in responding to the questionnaire.

AVV: The results confirm our intuition from what we already know from the many conversations with members and they help us orient the future of our activities even better.

JB: According to our results, it’s in particular the monitoring of policy developments and advocacy towards the EU institutions that members consider the most important. 93% percent say that they consider this very important or very important. That’s practically all of the respondents! It’s remarkable, because our sector has already progressed a lot in its recognition at EU-level. Notably, the EU Commission closed all infringement cases against Member States in the field of gambling last year. There is to date still no sectoral legislation at EU-level on gambling and no political will to do so: whereas there is EU sectoral legislation on pretty much everything…  The past resolutions from the European Parliament are all very positive towards a strong national control in the sensitive field of gambling. The specificity of gambling is taken into account in a number of recent pieces of EU-legislation, often by a full exclusion from the scope of that legislation.

We learn from the survey that our members consider that battles are not won here and the work of EL here must continue to be as strong a defender of the interest of lotteries to the EU institutions as before and possibly even stronger. It’s a good thing that we have invested in the past year in the experienced staff to match that aspiration and that we are systematically involved in policy initiatives from the very beginning, replying to the consultations of the European Commission for example. We are also taking the work on the development of a standard at EU-level on reporting to regulators for online gambling very seriously. EL has successfully applied to be an official Liaison Organisation to the CEN, the European Committee on Standardisation, and we participate in the so-called ‘Taskforce 456’ of the CEN where this standard is being elaborated.

The highest satisfaction is for the educational programme and the working groups of the association, which more than 70% consider rate as very high or high quality. Again, that is a good thing: a lot of work goes into this, at all levels of the EL staff and in particular also from the working groups, who develop the programmes for the seminar together. Our association has a unique asset in that it can bring together professionals who work around very similar areas in their respective companies but in entirely different national contexts. We can be pleased that we are able to leverage that successfully and turn it into an educational programme that delivers high value for them.

AVV: I think that he message on how to go further with this is clear. On the one hand, we need to communicate even better about advocacy and our analysis of policy developments. But we also need to work even harder for EL to become a true opinion-leader here, so that we remain the go-to reference point for policy makers for developments in our field. That means also developing our internal and external knowledge base further. Our working groups need to continue to be supported and we need to continue to cherish our educational programme and build on it further. I’m excited about our new European Lotteries Corporate University and I hope that it can be an important step for systematising our offering in a manner that it can truly fulfill the training needs of our members.

JB: We will seek to conduct such a Membership satisfaction survey on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see how the level of satisfaction on these individual items evolves over the next years. Members are always encouraged to provide constant feedback – that is how we learn what is important for them and of course a survey is a useful tool, but it always needs to be accompanied by the constant dialogue with our members.

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Premier sondage sur la satisfaction des membres d’EL

La direction d’EL a achevé son tout premier sondage de satisfaction auprès des membres d’EL. Dans cet article, Jutta Buyse et Arjan van ‘t Veer discutent des principaux résultats. Dans l’ensemble, les membres d’EL sont très satisfaits et considèrent que leur association est l’organisation incontournable pour la défense de leurs intérêts. Les membres estiment que la qualité du programme éducatif et du travail des groupes de travail de l’association est particulièrement élevée. Le suivi des développements en matière de politique et le plaidoyer auprès des institutions de l’UE sont les plus importants développements, d’après eux.


Primera encuesta de satisfacción de los miembros de la EL

La dirección de la EL ha realizado su primera encuesta de satisfacción de los miembros de la EL. En este artículo, Jutta Buyse y Arjan van ‘t Veer hablan sobre los principales resultados obtenidos. En general, los miembros de la EL están muy satisfechos y ven a su asociación como una organización activa en la defensa de sus intereses. Los miembros consideran que la calidad del programa educativo y, en particular, de los grupos de trabajo de la asociación, es muy elevada. Lo que consideran más importante es la supervisión de los desarrollos de las directrices y el apoyo a las instituciones de la UE.


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Das Management von EL hat die erste Zufriedenheitsumfrage unter seinen Mitgliedern durchgeführt. In diesem Artikel besprechen Jutta Buyse und Arjan van ‘t Veer die wichtigsten Ergebnisse. Insgesamt sind EL-Mitglieder sehr zufrieden. Sie erachten den Verband als wichtigste Organisation, die ihre Interessen vertritt. Die Mitglieder bewerten die Schulungsprogramme und die Arbeit der Arbeitsgruppen des Verbands besonders positiv. Als wichtigste Aufgabe erachten sie das Verfolgen gesetzlicher Entwicklungen und Lobbying bei den EU-Institutionen.

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