European Lotteries adds new ‘Executive’ Module to its Corporate University ELCU

Following the success of the Induction Module of its new European Lotteries Corporate University ELCU, EL is preparing for the new Executive Module which will be held and hosted by EL in Lausanne, Switzerland on 1 – 3 April 2019. The content is delivered by an expert team of highly experienced speakers. With this second module, EL builds a further block in its specialised training programme for lottery professionals.

The ELCU – EXECUTIVE will be held over 1 ½ days and is designed for professional staff from Lottery Operators, Suppliers and Regulators who have sufficient experience to actively and usefully participate in, and contribute to, round-table discussions on case studies exploring and analysing critical Lottery topics.

The event will commence with a half-day of formal presentations on selected topics such as Innovation, Security and Integrity, Gaming Regulation, plus an informal public Interview/ debate with two eminent Lottery Directors.

These presentations will be followed by one full day of Case Studies covering all of the principal areas and activities of a modern lottery, including topics such as Relationship between Lottery and Regulator; development of corporate Risk Register; Privatisation or Commercialisation of lotteries; Market Research design and use; Game Design and add-on Draw Games; Retail  outlet selection, commission and incentive schemes; Electronic versus physical draws; PR and Communication; management of the “public face” of the lottery and similar relevant and current topics.

Each Case Study will be allocated 30 minutes, half of which will be spent by the participants in group discussions in teams and half in full plenary session led by the Moderator.

Participants will be allocated to teams of 7 people ensuring a good mix of experience and skills. These teams will be regularly reconstituted and reformed during the day, mixing people and skills to keep the discussions fresh and dynamic and to give participants the maximum opportunity to make new contacts and to network.

Participants will have 5 years or more experience which should include at least two years’ experience in a middle management (executive) role within their lotteries.

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Suite au succès du module d’induction de sa nouvelle université d’entreprise (European Lotteries Corporate University, ELCU), EL prépare le nouveau module exécutif, qui se tiendra du 1er au 3 avril 2019 à Lausanne, en Suisse, et sera hébergé par EL. Avec ce deuxième module, EL établit un élément supplémentaire de son programme de formation spécialisé pour les professionnels de la loterie.


Tras el éxito del Módulo de inducción de su nueva Universidad Corporativa de European Lotteries (European Lotteries Corporate University, ELCU), EL se está preparando para el nuevo Módulo ejecutivo, que se celebrará en Lausana, Suiza, del 1 al 3 de abril de 2019. Con este segundo módulo, EL añade otra sección a su programa de formación especializado para profesionales de las loterías.


Nach dem Erfolg des Einführungsmoduls ihrer neuen europäischen Unternehmensuniversität der Lotterien (European Lotteries Corporate University, ELCU) bereitet EL nun das neue Vorstandsmodul vor, das von EL in der Zeit vom 1. bis 3. April 2019 in Lausanne, Schweiz, abgehalten und ausgerichtet wird. Mit diesem zweiten Modul baut EL einen weiteren Block in ihrem speziellen Trainingsprogramm für Lotterieexperten auf.

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