EL and the Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership WILL


Womens’ Initiative in Lottery Leadership WILL was set up in 2017 by the President and CEO of the Tennesseee Lottery, Ms Rebecca Hargrove, with the support of the sector publication PGRI. The Executive Committee of the European Lotteries Association has now endorsed the initiative to also grow at European level.

The mission of WILL is to drive high-performance business growth through supporting the advancement of women into top positions of lottery management, leadership and responsibility.

WILL powered the opening reception of the EL Marketing seminar in London in February. EL First Vice-President and CEO of French lottery Française des Jeux Stéphane Pallez took the stage together with Rebecca Hargrove and the conference moderator Karen Connell.

WILL in Europe will work on three levels: networking, training and providing inspiration. EL thereby commits to ensuring a strong female presence on stage at its conferences and seminars, to explore the possibilities of leveraging its education programme for female high potentials and to raise awareness of the important contributions of women to the sector.  WILL in Europe will build on some of the existing initiatives of its members, such as FDJ’s “ A elles de jouer” and Sisal’s WISE – Women in Sisal experience.

WILL can bring together women working in the same field with similar activities but from non-competitor companies, provide innovative forums for exchange and experience and establishing cooperation forums. WILL is a true contribution to putting key lottery values responsibility and society/sustainability into practice.

Already at its June 2017 Congress in Krakow, EL hosted a WILL-networking event for the female participants at its Congress. With approximately 90% of the target audience in attendance, the success of this event prompts further events of the type.

WILL powered the opening reception of the EL Marketing seminar in London in February. EL First Vice-President and CEO of French lottery Française des Jeux Stéphane Pallez took the stage together with Rebecca Hargrove and the conference moderator Karen Connell.

A dedicated WILL event will take place at the European Lotteries 2018 Industry Days in Prague.


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EL et l’initiative WILL, Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership

Le Comité exécutif de l’Association des opérateurs de loteries européens a approuvé le développement au niveau européen.

Le but de l’initiative WILL (Initiative pour le leadership des femmes chez les opérateurs de loterie) est de stimuler la croissance commerciale de haute performance en soutenant la promotion de femmes à des postes à haute responsabilité chez les opérateurs de loterie.

La réception inaugurale du séminaire marketing EL qui s’est tenu à Londres en février a été placée sous le signe de cette initiative. Stéphane Pallez, PDG de la Française des Jeux et première vice-présidente d’EL, a pris la parole sur scène avec Rebecca Hargrove et Karen Connell, animatrice de la conférence.



EL y la WILL, Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership

El Comité ejecutivo de European Lotteries Association ha dado su apoyo a la iniciativa para que también crezca a nivel europeo.

La misión de la WILL (Iniciativa Femenina de Liderazgo en Lotería) es impulsar un crecimiento de alto rendimiento en el negocio mediante el apoyo al ascenso de mujeres a altos cargos de gestión, liderazgo y responsabilidad dentro de las loterías.

La WILL impulsó la recepción inaugural del seminario de marketing de EL en Londres en febrero. El vicepresidente primero y director ejecutivo de la lotería francesa Française des Jeux, Stéphane Pallez, subió al escenario junto con Rebecca Hargrove y la moderadora de la conferencia, Karen Connell.



EL und die WILL, Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership

Der Vorstand der European Lotteries Association stärkt der Initiative jetzt auch für eine Expansion in Europa den Rücken.

WILLs erklärtes Ziel ist es, das Geschäftswachstum durch die Förderung von Frauen in gehobenen Positionen im Lotteriemanagement zu potenzieren und ihnen mehr Führungsstellen und Verantwortung bereitzustellen.

Die Eröffnungsgala des EL-Marketing-Seminars in London im Februar lief unter der Regie von WILL ab. Française des Jeux Stéphane Pallez, First Vice-President und CEO der französischen Lotterie, teilte sich das Podium mit Rebecca Hargrove und der Konferenzmoderatorin Karen Connell.

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