EL/WLA Marketing Seminar 2019 – Recurring trends of the seminar

‘What’s hot? What’s not?’ was the theme that embodied the EL/WLA Marketing Seminar of 2019. With technology picking up faster than ever, a demand for corporate transparency and consumers demanding more from brands, the conversation surrounding trends is industrially prominent. The marketing seminar saw an array of topics covered, from A.I to the 2019 trends taking us by storm, to how the creative process works, all bases were covered.

Particular themes stood out consistently among the seminar. Certain trends were obvious, trends all of us should be doing all we can to immerse ourselves in this year to stay with the current culture and ‘what’s hot’, trends such as immersive experiences, predominantly in the retail and brand sphere. The seminar gave a strong understanding of what to expect and what we may find ourselves in the middle of! Something else that resonated powerfully was authenticity. In such a questioning time in so many other parts of the wider community, consumers, and people, are crying out for transparency, for authenticity from the things they want to believe in. Following on from this, the popularity and value of storytelling. Do not underestimate the power of a story to evoke passions, to bring out emotion and to inspire connection.

In line with this, one only has to look at the Lottery and the way they are authentic in their promotion. Their ads line up with just what they do, they show the value they provide to their consumers and users. One only has to watch the winner of a Lottery ticket run to find her husband in an extremely real life setting to feel all sorts of emotions arise. This is because it is real, this is what the brand can do and will continue to do. By showing this powerful ad it resonates with the real-life person, because that’s what the Lottery is all about – real life people.

The above mentioned are solidly linked and this is the emerging landscape. Rather than buying goods or items now, people want to buy into a brand for their values, their lifestyle. By creating immersive experiences this is possible, people embody the brand for more than just the physical things presented. For example, the Nike flagship store in the U.S.A is more than just a shopping experience. It’s personalised, tailored to the consumer, one is able to fully be a part of the brand. Likewise, people are accessing brands for their values so brands must promote these values to align with consumers in an honest way. Nike’s ‘re-use a shoe programme’ does just this. In a world where people are hyper-aware of recycling, of waste, Nike have infiltrated this topic to be in sync with their consumers’ concerns, to become a solution and a part of their consumers’ conversations.

The focus on social media and authenticity in this element was dominant in conversation. Brands have a responsibility to deliver content to cut through to audiences that is relevant and of value like it hasn’t been before. With consumers far more critical than ever before, speakers perfectly denoted just how to optimise content to adapt to these changes and to cut through to their audience clearly. These trends simply show not the only the behaviour of consumers but how brands will have to mirror this to stay hot, stay on topic and lead the conversation of 2019.

The Lottery is something that embodies the above, they care about the people, they show they care, they value their consumers and all others too. Their stories are rooted in real life, they help real people – it just does not get more authentic than the work they do. The entire point of the Lottery is the immersive experience. One can only experience it by being a part of it, to understand it you must put yourself into the Lottery ‘sphere’. This is why it is, and will continue to be, one of the most extraordinary brands.

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