EL/WLA joint Security and Integrity seminar 2018

2 – 4 October 2018  Budapest, Hungary

More than 90 participants from 36 countries participated in the Seminar where the keynote address was delivered by Dr. Katalin Szenens, an independent IT security advisor who outlined the complexities in the world of IT security today and showed how clear parallels could be drawn between the IT needs of the financial sector and those of the lottery industry.

Spanish “white-hat” hacker Roman Ramirez of Patowc and Rootedcon, Spain, presented the building blocks of cyber security and cyber vulnerabilities. He demonstrated how hackers can identify and physically track an individual by exploiting vulnerabilities in WIFI.  Further examples of common cyber-attacks were provided by David Boda, Camelot UK. David showed how java script can be manipulated on lottery websites to target valuable player information. This common problem can be avoided by introducing a simple piece of code, known as a Content Security Policy, into the html of the lottery website. David reported that, based on a recent survey, lotteries invest on average only about 8.7% of their IT budget on cyber security.

Carlos Bachmeier, EL SIWG Executive Chair and WLA SRMC Chairman, provided the now traditional report on security incidents that have occurred over the past year – prepared by Gunnar Ewald from LOTTO Hamburg. Notable were the number of retailer fraud cases and cases involving social engineering.

Krisztián Pállai, Head of Security for Szerencsejáték Zrt., raised the importance of employee sensitization to IT security. He presented SnapComms a tool that can be used to heighten security awareness. The tool sends vital security message to employees through the use of tickers, pop up messages and security themed screen savers.  Hugo Hirsh,  Kambi, UK, postulated that in an environment where criminals can act with impunity, crime will flourish. Therefore there is a need to proactively build a “zero-tolerance” front against cybercrime and use threat modelling as an effective response.   Matthias Oehler,  FDJ, discussed  the growing role of data governance as a line of defense in the fight against cybercrime.  The essential elements of good data governance include data and strategy ownership, data control and security, and culture and change management.

Christian Hohenegger, of Scientific Games, Austria, spoke about implementing systems to respond to the requirements of GDPR and suggested that we may see the introduction of security ratings, much like credit rating, for organizations that deal with personal data.    Dragan Pleskonjic, IGT, addressed application security. With the fast pace of release cycles; the pressure for delivery deadlines, and the increasing use of open-source and third-party software it is becoming increasingly difficult for developers to ensure adequate application security. Code must now be written from the very beginning with security in mind.  Ioannis Vittas, Information Risk Manager at INTRALOT, Greece, discussed the challenges that we face in the cyber landscape globally on a day-to-day basis. Each day, there are around 4000 ransom-ware attacks. Of those, 36% target the gaming industry. The average cost of a data breach according to Ioannis is $3.62 million and it is predicted that the cost of cybercrime will go as high as $6 trillion by 2021.

Juan Carlos Díaz, Cybersecurity Director at PWC Business Security Solutions, Spain, discussed AI, its pros and cons, and how it is being implemented in cognitive security. Through face, object, and voice recognition, AI is progressively being used in surveillance and its potential use in combating cyberattack is enormous.  Juan Carlos stated that 79% of all security experts think that AI is the future of cyber security.

Thomas Bierbach, Bulletproof GLI LLC, Canada,  and Nuno de Sousa Pereira, Szrek2Solutions, USA, presented the security and integrity risks in Electronic Drawing Systems which are comprised of the RNG,  the Automated Drawing Machine, the people involved, and the environment. An RGN is vulnerable to either direct attacks or attacks to the game perimeter. Certifying your RGN does not address any of these security risks; it merely addresses the randomness of the draw. Presenting the risk profile of electronic draw fraud, Thomas pointed out that it is not a crime of opportunity; rather it is a highly complex exploit that requires insider knowledge. Thomas also discussed the importance of non-repudiation in the context of a RNG. Nuno emphasized its potential for streamlining the draw process and the cost saving advantages that come with it.

Christophe Ciglic, IDEMIA Identity & Security, France, presented IDEMIA’s augmented player identification system. He spoke of the challenges that lottery and betting operators face, with the constraints that regulatory compliance poses and the large omni-channel eco-systems that are common today. Digital ID systems are the best way to manage these challenges as they are convenient for lotteries, retailers, and players alike.  Vanessa Leemans, Aon Cyber Solutions EMEA, UK discussed cyber resilience through proper cyber security and cyber risk management and the increasing need for cyber insurance. With the rising incidence of cyber extortion, privacy breach, and the business interruptions that these cause, adopting a risk-based cyber insurance strategy is becoming increasingly vital.

In his presentation entitled Cybersecurity at the Speed of Digital Businesses, Abhishek Kumbhat, Head of Technology & Innovation at Skilrock Technologies, India, spoke on the state of IT security in many organizations today. Security is often an afterthought; reactive instead of proactive and is considered a hindrance to productivity by many in the organization.

Paul Peinado, WLA and  Ray Bates, EL Honorary President, Moderator

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Séminaire commun EL/WLA sur la sécurité et l’intégrité – organisé par Szerencsejáték Zrt.

Plus de 90 participants de 36 pays ont participé au séminaire, durant lequel le discours d’ouverture a été prononcé par la docteure Katalin Szenens, conseillère indépendante en sécurité informatique, qui a présenté les complexités actuelles du monde de la sécurité informatique, et a montré qu’il était possible d’établir un parallèle entre les besoins informatiques du secteur financier et ceux du secteur des loteries.


Seminario conjunto de EL/WLA sobre seguridad e integridad, organizado por Szerencsejáték Zrt.

Más de 90 participantes de 36 países participaron en este seminario, cuyo discurso inaugural fue impartido por la Dra. Katalin Szenens, una asesora independiente de seguridad informática que describió las complejidades existentes en el mundo de la seguridad informática hoy día y demostró cómo se pueden hacer paralelismos muy claros entre las necesidades informáticas del sector financiero y los de la industria de las loterías.


EL/WLA-Sicherheits- und Integritätsseminar – ausgetragen von Szerencsejáték Zrt.

Mehr als 90 Teilnehmer aus 36 Ländern nahmen am gemeinsam von EL und WLA ausgetragenen Seminar teil. Die Keynote-Rede hielt Dr. Katalin Szenens, ein unabhängiger IT-Sicherheitsberater, der die Anwesenden über die aktuellen Schwierigkeiten der IT-Sicherheit aufklärte und in Sachen IT-Sicherheit Parallelen zwischen dem Finanzsektor und der Lotteriebranche zog.

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