EL Retail Seminar 2018

Geneva, 23 – 25 October 2018

From the opening keynote address right through the Seminar there were some universal themes that were repeated by speaker after speaker …

  • Lottery must have a retail strategy
  • Lottery must know the retailer strategy
  • Lottery must have a strong relationship or partnership with the retailer

Lottery has two clients or customers – the players,  and the retailer network

Keynote speaker Scott Annan emphasised the importance for lotteries of adapting to the move to “food” by retailers; the reduction in the average size of stores; the importance of convenience and he ended by predicting the eventual disappearance of “cash registers” within 5 years. The second keynote address from Dominik Stocker, (Nielsen) emphasised the importance of placing convenience at the centre of your activities, particularly for millennials. He provided interesting comparative data and statistics from retail across Europe. He neatly summed up his theme by proposing that the aim of retail in the future should be to provide “Satisfying moments of time with effortless experiences”.

Niall Andrews (Sales & Operations Director PLI, Ireland) and Duncan Malyon (Retail Director, Camelot, UK) explained the approach of both of their lotteries and how their reinvestment in retail in recent times was paying handsome dividends. Both lotteries had managed to convince ALDI and LIDL that it was worthwhile to provide lottery to their customers. Most participants were interested in hearing how this was accomplished, given that no other European lottery company had managed to recruit these discounters as agents.

Eslelle Dauchy (Retail Strategy Manager at FDJ) explained how her lottery had transformed their logistics for delivery of stock to retailers, which freed up their Sales Representatives to have more time to interact with the retailers. She also explained a novel incentive scheme which they operate where additional commission is paid to retailers who satisfy Responsible Gaming criteria.

Marko Kunac from Croatian lottery explained a novel game experiment combining lottery with sport betting which was promoted and based on an exclusively retailer-driven marketing and promotional effort. Christian Bjerke-Narud from Norsk Tipping emphasised the importance of differentiating between different classes of retailers – one size does not fit all. He also urged all lottery retail managers to follow the Norsk Tipping practice of spending time with retailers – even as far as taking over the running of their stores from time to time as a way of better understanding their business.

A Panel of David Roy (Carmanagh), Andy Kaoh (Pro-lite) and Christine Tietjens (Fastrak) presented their approach as suppliers of POS/Digital Facilities, and a panel of Retailers (Eric Markus and Johann Hochuli lottery agents from Switzerland and Thomas Ennis lottery agent with 12 shops from Ireland) gave honest and challenging views on how they felt about the retail development strategy of lottery companies and what are their own priorities as lottery agents.

The Partner/Suppliers – Scientific Games (Lucas Gangone), IGT (Roberto Zanetti and Tom Stanek), INTRALOT (Nikos Zogopoulos)  and NLS (Marc Chabrand) all presented practical ways in which their companies had helped lottery companies to improve the lottery player journey through retail.

The 70-plus delegates were warmly welcomed by Jean-Luc Moner-Banet CEO of the hosting lottery Loterie Romande. As well as hearing about the importance of Responsible Gaming training for Retailers from Bettina di Lello (Responsible Gaming Manager from Loterie Romande), Sebastien Demierre (Key Account and Trade Marketing Manager) arranged visits to a very interesting mix of lottery outlets as well as presenting informative Swiss retail case studies.

The Seminar ended with a call to “Think Retailer”.

Ray Bates

Moderator and EL Honorary President.

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Séminaire sur les points de vente d’EL     

Dans le discours d’ouverture et tout au long du séminaire, quelques thèmes universels ont été répétés par chaque orateur :

  • La loterie doit avoir une stratégie pour ses points de vente
  • La loterie doit connaître la stratégie du détaillant
  • La loterie doit avoir une relation ou partenariat solide avec le détaillant
  • La loterie a deux clients : les joueurs et le réseau de détaillants
Seminario de ventas de EL      Desde el discurso inaugural hasta el final del seminario, hubieron varios conceptos universales que se repitieron orador tras orador:
  • La lotería debe contar con una estrategia de ventas
  • La lotería debe conocer la estrategia del vendedor
  • La lotería debe tener una relación o asociación sólida con el vendedor
  • La lotería tiene dos clientes: los jugadores y la red de vendedores


Einige rote Linien zogen sich von der Keynote-Rede an durch das gesamte Seminar und wurden von nahezu allen Vortragenden aufgegriffen:

  • Lotterien brauchen Vertriebsstrategien
  • Lotterien müssen die Strategien ihrer Vertriebspartner kennen
  • Lotterien brauchen starke Beziehungen oder Partnerschaften mit ihren Vertriebspartnern
  • Lotterien haben zwei Kunden: Die Spieler und ihr Netzwerk von Vertriebspartnern

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