Aurora™ OnePlace: The One Place for All Your Sales Force Needs

With IGT’s acquisition of Hudson Alley Software, Aurora OnePlace – the leading sales force automation solution in the industry – has joined IGT’s synchronized suite of complementary products that leverage consistent insight and analytics across all lottery stakeholders to drive sales.

With IGT’s acquisition of Hudson Alley Software, Aurora OnePlace – the leading sales force automation solution in the industry – has joined IGT’s synchronized suite of complementary products that leverage consistent insight and analytics across all lottery stakeholders to drive sales. OnePlace, along with Aurora’s Retailer Wizard, Retailer Manager, Performance Intel, and OrderStar, all combine to deliver proven, actionable content based on IGT’s unrivaled experience managing lotteries, retailer networks, and lottery sales forces in multiple jurisdictions worldwide. They share the same set of services and the same information to provide IGT customers unprecedented integration; for instance, a retailer will see the same alerts in Retailer Wizard as field sales reps see in OnePlace and inside reps see in OrderStar for that location.

Of course, OnePlace easily integrates with other IGT and third-party applications as well, allowing OnePlace users to benefit from IGT’s vast resources, including its training organization, teams of analysts, and insights from its lottery operator and sales force management experience in jurisdictions around the world.

Lotteries buy sales force automation solutions for results, and IGT’s OnePlace mobile app and website deliver the results lotteries need to grow sales at retail and to operate more efficiently and effectively.

  • Visualized, up-to-the-minute reporting puts insights and compelling data into the hands of sales reps, enabling them to coach
  • Actionable alerts notify reps immediately of potential revenue-draining situations and opportunities for
  • Routing tools provide optimized time
  • Prospecting module supports active tracking and monitoring of retail recruitment

With a major new release in Fall 2016, OnePlace introduces brand-new iOS and Windows 10 apps and contains more essential tools and features to drive best practices and provide invaluable information, including instant ticket inventory, sales goals, retailer goals, and retailer profiles.


Everything sales reps need, all in OnePlace.

How OnePlace Helps Drive Sales

1. Quickly identifies problems and opportunities.

Powerful but simple, OnePlace displays information in a way that makes it immediately actionable. For example, with a quick glance, sales reps or sales managers will know how a retailer’s sales are trending within each game category, enabling them to react appropriately and instantly

2. Shifts sales reps from defense to

Sales reps who use OnePlace walk into each sales visit with a mission, knowing exactly what they want to accomplish. This allows them to use the limited time allotted for conversations with store managers and owners efficiently, to the benefit of both reps and retailers.

3. Optimizes Instant Ticket product portfolio by retailer.

OnePlace empowers sales reps and management to maximize sales in each retail location with a variety of tools and features. New game penetration is increased by proactively alerting reps and management when retailers have not activated a new game in the first week after launch. Sell-in of best-selling games is easier, as OnePlace lists best-selling games by price point, allowing sales reps to quickly ensure that top performers are carried and on display. Removal of slow-selling games is expedited as OnePlace alerts sales reps of stale inventory in retailer locations and provides recommendations on which games are not performing well. Finally, OnePlace’s Space-to-Sales Screen takes the guesswork out of achieving a more profitable display by graphically presenting an analysis of each retailer’s instant game assortment and making recommendations for adjusting the price-point mix or adding facings of better-selling or higher-price-point games.

4. Uses winner awareness to drive

It’s no secret that customers like to play in “lucky stores.” OnePlace provides abundant winner awareness information, by territory and by location, so reps can help retailers spread the news.

5. Sparks friendly competition by focusing on areas of

OnePlace can compare an individual retailer’s sales by product line within its territory, region, state, zip code, and business type. This powerful dynamic provides actionable data to show where the retailer can improve and gives the retailer incentive to outperform the competition.

6. Tracks what is happening – and not happening – at retail.

OnePlace pioneered the use of checkboxes to document each retailer visit. This simple step provides quantitative and qualitative information about each visit and offers the added benefit of providing powerful reporting capabilities to track initiatives, such as selling-in of special dispensers or increasing facings at retail. It even allows reps to take photographs and add them to their visit history, which managers can view instantly.

7. Increases field time and maximizes productivity.

Because OnePlace proactively provides information on sales, earnings, credits, adjustments, settlements, pack statuses, and more, it can dramatically reduce the hours reps spend in the office or on the phone with headquarters and allow them to spend more quality time with retailers.

Eye Towards the Future

Adam Perlow, former CEO of Hudson Alley Software, has joined IGT as Vice President, Sales Force Automation Solutions, to insure a seamless transition, with no interruption to the service Hudson Alley customers have come to expect. OnePlace will continue on its established path of evolution inspired by new technology, new ideas, and feedback from IGT and OnePlace lottery partners.

In the future, OnePlace customers will benefit from even more enhancements based on the goals and desires of lotteries and IGT’s experience and insights. Among the exciting new features coming to OnePlace are sales rep and retailer incentive management modules; instant ticket ordering; real-time, terminal-free pack returns; and other pack functions. New training programs (both classroom and in-the-field coaching) will increase the effectiveness of OnePlace to drive sales. These will include training on and implementation of the PERFECT Sales Process, a systematic, repeatable, and measurable way to sell that turns the oft-perceived “art of selling” into more of a “selling science” and ensures that customer interactions are standardized across the sales organization. And to help optimize lottery sales processes, IGT will offer a consulting service that includes evaluation of current practices and a plan to enhance them.

This content is offered by IGT. For more information on Aurora OnePlace, visit

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AURORA™ ONEPLACE : Le seul endroit dont toute votre force de vente a besoin.  Avec l’acquisition d’Hudson Alley Software par IGT, Aurora OnePlace, la première solution d’automatisation des forces de vente de l’industrie, a rejoint la suite synchronisée d’IGT de produits complémentaires qui tirent parti de l’information et des analyses cohérentes de tous les intervenants. OnePlace, de même que Aurora’s Retailer Wizard, Retailer Manager, Performance Intel et OrderStar, s’associent pour offrir un contenu reconnu et exploitable basé sur l’expérience incomparable d’IGT en matière de gestion des loteries, des réseaux de détaillants et des forces de vente de loterie dans de multiples juridictions à travers le monde. Ils partagent le même ensemble de services et les mêmes informations pour fournir aux clients d’IGT une intégration sans précédent ; par exemple, un détaillant verra dans Retailer Wizard les mêmes alertes que celles que les représentants de ventes sur le terrain verront dans OnePlace et que celles que les représentants internes verront dans OrderStar, pour cet emplacement. Bien sûr, OnePlace s’intègre facilement à d’autres applications IGT et tierces, permettant ainsi aux utilisateurs de OnePlace de bénéficier des vastes ressources d’IGT, y compris l’organisation de sa formation, ses équipes d’analystes et les idées de ses opérateurs de loterie et de sa force de vente dans les juridictions du monde entier. Les loteries achètent des solutions d’automatisation de la force de vente pour des résultats, et l’application et le site web OnePlace d’IGT offrent les résultats dont les loteries ont besoin pour augmenter leurs ventes au détail et fonctionner plus efficacement.
  • Grâce à des rapports visuels et actualisés, les représentants des ventes disposent d’informations et de données convaincantes, ce qui leur permet de former des détaillants.
  • Les alertes interactives avertissent immédiatement les représentants des éventuelles situations d’écoulement des recettes et des possibilités de croissance.
  • Les outils de routage offrent une gestion optimisée du temps.
  • Le module Prospection permet un contrôle et un suivi actifs des activités de recrutement des détaillants.
AURORA™ ONEPLACE: El sitio de referencia para todo lo que su equipo de ventas necesita.    Con la adquisición de Hudson Alley Software por parte de IGT, Aurora OnePlace, la solución de automatización de equipos de ventas líder del sector, ha pasado a formar parte del conjunto sincronizado de productos complementarios de IGT que proporcionan información y análisis consistentes con el objetivo de aumentar las ventas en todo el sector de las loterías. La combinación de OnePlace, Aurora’s Retailer Wizard, Retailer Manager, Performance Intel y OrderStar ofrece un contenido probado y factible, basado en la inigualable experiencia de IGT gestionando loterías, redes de puntos de venta y equipos de venta de lotería en múltiples jurisdicciones de todo el mundo. Todas estas aplicaciones comparten los mismos servicios e información, y ofrecen a los clientes de IGT una integración sin precedentes. Por ejemplo, un minorista puede ver en Retailer Wizard las mismas alertas que los representantes de ventas ven en One Place y los representantes internos ven en OrderStar para esa ubicación. OnePlace, evidentemente, se integra de forma fácil con otras aplicaciones, tanto de IGT como de terceros. Así, los usuarios de OnePlace pueden aprovechar los vastos recursos de IGT, como la organización de formación, equipos de analistas e información sobre la experiencia de gestión de su operador de loterías y equipo de venta en jurisdicciones de todo el mundo. Las loterías compran soluciones de automatización de equipo de ventas para conseguir resultados, y tanto la aplicación móvil como la página web de OnePlace de IGT ofrecen los resultados que las loterías necesitan para incrementar sus ventas en el comercio minorista y operar de forma más efectiva y eficiente.
  • El sistema de informes, visual y actualizado al momento, pone la información y datos relevantes al alcance de los representantes de ventas, permitiéndoles formar a los vendedores minoristas.
  • Las alertas accionables notifican de inmediato a los representantes si se producen situaciones potenciales de pérdida de ingresos u oportunidades de crecimiento.
  • Las herramientas de planificación de ruta permiten optimizar la gestión del tiempo.
  • El módulo de prospección ayuda al seguimiento y monitorización activos de las actividades de contratación de puntos de venta.
AURORA™ ONEPLACE: Der eine ort mit allem, was ihr vertriebspersonal braucht.  Durch IGTs Akquisition von Hudson Alley Software gehört Aurora OnePlace – die branchenführende Automatisierungslösung für Vertriebspersonal – jetzt zu IGTs synchronisiertem Portfolio sich ergänzender Produkte, die kontinuierliche Einblicke und Analysen über alle Stakeholder hinweg zur Umsatzförderung nutzen. In Kombination mit Auroras Retailer Wizard, Retailer Manager, Performance Intel und OrderStar liefert OnePlace fundierte, umsetzbare Inhalte auf Grundlage von IGTs unübertroffener Erfahrung mit dem Management von Lotterien, Einzelhandelsnetzwerken und Lotterie-Vertriebsmitarbeitern in zahlreichen Ländern weltweit. Die Anwendungen teilen dasselbe Serviceangebot und dieselben Daten, um IGT-Kunden eine bisher nicht gekannte Integration zu bieten; beispielsweise kann ein Einzelhändler im Retailer Wizard dieselben Benachrichtigungen sehen, wie ein Außendienstmitarbeiter in OnePlace und ein Vertriebsmitarbeiter im Innendienst sie für diesen Standort erhalten. Natürlich lässt sich OnePlace auch leicht mit anderen Anwendungen von IGT und Drittanbietern integrieren, so dass OnePlace-Nutzer von den ungeheuren Ressourcen von IGT profitieren können, unter anderem der Schulungsorganisation und dem Analystenteam, sowie den Einblicken ihres Lotteriebetreibers und den Erfahrungen mit dem Management von Vertriebspersonal in zahlreichen Ländern weltweit. Lotterien kaufen Automatisierungslösungen für ihr Vertriebspersonal, weil sie Resultate sehen wollen. Die mobile App von IGTs OnePlace und die Website liefern die Ergebnisse, die die Lotterien brauchen, um ihren Einzelhandelsumsatz zu steigern und effizienter und effektiver zu operieren.
  • Die visualisierte, minutengenaue Berichterstattung bietet Vertriebsmitarbeitern Einblicke und überzeugende Daten, so dass sie Einzelhändler beraten können.
  • Umsetzbare Benachrichtigungen setzen Mitarbeiter unmittelbar über potenziell umsatzschädigende Situationen und Wachstumschancen in Kenntnis.
  • Routing-Tools sorgen für ein optimiertes Zeitmanagement.
  • Ein Mitarbeitergewinnungs-Modul unterstützt das aktive Tracking und die Überwachung aller Rekrutierungsaktivitäten im Einzelhandel.

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