President’s Perspective

Dear Members, Dear Partners, Dear Friends,

As I am writing this note we are less than 100 days away from our EL Industry Days 2018! Where we focused on the future of retail at our last Industry Days in Marocco, this edition we will focus on the ‘Navigating towards Digital Opportunity’. I look forward to our discussions, together with the suppliers who sponsor this conference, our Premium and Semi-Premium Partners. And of course supported by our dear colleagues of Sazka as proud hosts of this edition of the EL Industry Days. The three days will be marked by key forward-looking presentations including the presentation of a study that EL has commissioned on the group that is omnipresent in any discussion about the future of our sector, the Millenials. Finally, I am proud that our EL Industry Days will also include a specific opportunity to celebrate the advancement around the Women’s Initiatives in Lottery Leadership on which you can read about in this newsletter. I urge all to register for these Industry Days and look forward to greeting you in Prague.

2018 is one of those years that have started with full force. From the perspective of the association, we are most proud of our Marketing Seminar for which this time around, we chose to focus around the specific theme of thinking in terms of SMALL as the new BIG. We have chosen this edition of our newsletter to focus on this seminar in particular, bringing you the highlights in our Focus Theme articles.

In Brussels, we are faced with an entirely new situation where the European Commission has decided to close all the infringement cases and complaints concerning gambling. You will find a special article dedicated to this important development also in this newsletter. We can expect that the discussion will now increasingly move to the national level and it is thus more important than ever that we exchange and where possible cooperate on these challenges. Of course, the advocacy and legislative monitoring activities at EU-level keep being a key priority for our Association. We continue to contribute to public consultations on the matters that are of relevance to our sector, while taking note of the exclusion of the gambling sector of many of the new initiatives that the European Commission has presented. 2018 remains an important year, the last before the new European Elections and EL is ready to launch new initiatives to enhance its visibility and promote the  model and core values we stand for. Especially we will focus upon the fight against illegal gambling. I will update you on the role of EL in this very important topic in the upcoming months. EL is ready to take an active role here.

EL once again has a full programme of seminars ready for our members during the course of the year. We have our communications seminar ahead of us in Zagreb in March, our Knowledge Sharing Seminar in Geneva in April, our Sports Seminar in May in Lyon, our CSR/Responsible Gaming seminar in September in Lyon, the latter two together with the WLA. And we will have even some new seminars on our calendar; such as a specific one on retail developments, a refreshing seminar on Innovation, a workshop on Blockchain and a seminar on scratch cards. EL is the place to be to boost your knowledge! I am convinced that these seminars will provide excellent opportunities for the professionals working in these fields inside your lottery to enhance their knowledge and exchange experiences with other participants, and thus warmly recommend that you to encourage them to participate

You will find much more by reading our articles in this newsletter. I take the opportunity now to thank you for your support to the association and I look forward to seeing you in Prague!

Yours Sincerely,

Hansjörg Höltkemeier

EL President

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